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    official graphic t-shirts thread v2

    return of the "fashion" thread 2012 khi fashion icon: silh how2 dress like that guy? talk abt yr latest acquisitions+fashion "sensibilities" itt. are u a sneakerhead? post some gay ass pics of you're latest sneakies rite here. found a dank ass gameur shirt? copped that fangamer gyakuten...
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    The Doom Thread (Now with RGH 1.11.2 Skulltag!)

    if you don't know what doom is you got problems anyways the big lovin and i recently played doom with the REAL GUNZ HARDCORE mod (site) and it's beefy as hell and tons of fun real gunz hardcore what that basically, REAL GUNZ HARDCORE takes the doom engine and adds a bunch of guns and...
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    The Fighting Game Thread: #scrubcentral 2.0

    It's come to my attention that for some ungodly reason we have three different threads for Capcom fighting games. As much as each game is sufficiently deep enough to warrant it's own dedicated discussion space, given KHI's small size it's sorta unnecessary. So as a means of consolidating...
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    post yr persona 4 fanart here

    halo im trying 2 compile a series of illustrations called "TOILETと友達" which translated into english means "Toilet "Mr. Fuckface" Crusher-san and His Merry Men." i would like all yr own drawn (traditional or digital, anything is fine~) persona 4 fanarts and i will collect them into a cute...
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    [fondly recollecting times past] let's try to document the history of khi online gaming [being gay]

    I'm certainly no expert on the subject but I think it'd be dope to try to recollect all the first person shooters and Korean MMOs we've played over the years. I'm pretty sure every OG that was involved in most of the earlier ones (KHI Ragnarok Server, the first UT99 servers) is like, gone by...
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    eyyy gimme yr money

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    myspace thread

    389DkzjHpus&autoplay=1 H_60vmiiaHY&autoplay=1 EPvmIxu-LSA&autoplay=1 1b7DKQx5SCw&autoplay=1
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    ℳℴℯ❤ attributes dissertation pissing and discussion thread そうですね~

    ℳℴℯ❤ attributes dissertation pissing and discussion thread そうですね~ hullo animekisamas and you yatsus as we see the animos continue from the '00s era into das '10s era and das bringing of neue animes trends i would like to call for discussion a forum in regards 2 the status of the industry...
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    #jones streetwear fall/winter 2010 line development firetruck thread:the theme is megamega mega mega

    brand focus: unlicensed and possibly ilegal urban streetwear for patrons of #junes and ppl that like kingdom hearts w/ a black appeal (think of those airbrushed ghetto looney toons sherts you see at black and mexican people malls) allusions to doodoo people dont care about (see: triumvir) and...
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    Angel Beats OFFICIAL DISCUSSION THREAD (Basically you're REALLY gay)

    but it's all okay we can be raging homosexuals together whats angel beats angel beats is a japanese animation written by that dude who did a bunch of smash hits with key in the form of other japanese animations such as clannad and kanon. basically they specialize in anime girls and this is...
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    Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Thread

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    hello it is me jbieber

    jbeaver here giving you the latest anime beaver hits since 2007: click here to download! SPONSORED BY MEDIAFIRE tracklist: 01 - jbiebster - babbyone 02 - jbiebster - black people 03 - jbiebster - mystic eyes of asshole perceptions (smoke weed) ft. 梶浦由記 04 - jbiebster - SLAM ft. Yelle 05 -...
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    3.1L L28 twin turbos AUHHRITE
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    super eurobeat 200

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