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  • I actually think I was the last one to post within the group I'm with right now, so I'm actually waiting too haha.

    And yeah, I'm loving the Persona avatars! I named my guy Max, super original, I know haha. I also considered using an avatar from Persona 2, but I'll keep this one a while longer at least.
    I wanted to let you know that I have offically gotten 100% of all of the trophies on all 5 Infamous games. I have 100% completed the whole series, and man does it feel good. Now with that behind me and school finally over, I can finally dedicate my time to Persona 5.
    You should definitely finish it when you can!

    I gotta say I was impressed, the later explanations of the otherworld, be it "shadow world" or "metaverse" is for the most part the same across all the games. Usually coincides with people's ego's or perception of themselves/others and it's massive how it gets explained as an overview in every game. I still think Adachi so far has been one of my favorite characters in the games, alongside Naoto.
    We're all green lights on my end!

    Every time I load up the game, I never can bring myself to skip it. I was the same way when playing the original p4 on PS2 as well as the golden on vita.
    I noticed the post. I'm sorry for the delay (I think I'm still in the middle of reading it) ^^;;. I'll get to working on a response once I'm done with this post for Fragments.

    It was a great post! I'm curious to see what Vevlet is going to do. I may or may not have Hades drag a couple of people into the spirit realm to help out.*or cause trouble*
    Busy busy life. Hope your doing okay and not feeling overwhelmed. :D
    ;3; True! XD Hey have you played the new Kingdom Hearts game yet? :D
    I know, I awlays tend to do something when I tell myself I'm not going to do it anymore. That's why I won't say it this time! ^3^

    That's great! Whatcha busy with? You don't have to tell me if I'm being too nosey. :D
    Yeah, she does. And yeah it's fun, as long as the adding doesn't get too crazy. There's two more heroes for her and then another antagonist.
    True on that with the Magic Carpet. xD

    We're doing alright, just staying busy with life and I'm trying to keep her focused on things for here. *there's a couple more characters she wanted to bring into Miracles* How about you?

    Yeah, they are. I know at least the cape is. It's got such a personality, and you can tell it's protective of Dr. Strange. Or at least in my opinion. xD
    This would definitely be the first! Aside from a little thunderstorm, everythings been relatively tame on this end.

    I was actually composing my post today, I think you hit the nail on the head in the thread with most everyone's matching character profiles. My Naoto counterpart was intentional lol. It's always a pleasure to get to socialize with other writers during an RP o: if at any point you ever have any ideas you wish to discuss or something you'd like to implement, always feel free to send me a VM or PM.
    Oh, I hope you can find it again.

    Yeah, she might be suspicious on the sudden switch.

    No, I haven't yet. I've been busy recently. ^^;; Thanks for the hint though, although I've seen Doctor Strange. XD I think you should watch it when you get the change, because at let the Old One and the cape are awesome.
    Thanks! And I'm loving the looks of it!

    I, I don't know how I missed that fact. It's probably because of what's been going on recently. Thanks for letting me know, and I might change what I'm asking my mom for my birthday. <.< >.> It's on Tuesday, so Doctor Strange would be an awesome gift if my mom's okay with it. The only reason she might not be is because of what's planned for while I'm on spring break in early March.

    Oh, wow. That's quite the collection. I know out of the ones that have been released the only one I haven't seen is Ant-Man.
    It sounds interesting, and I think I've seen a trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn. If so, it does look like it'll be rather interesting to play. And, wait, what? Doctor Strange comes out this month on DVD?
    Haha, it's alright. We all do that from time to time.

    Lol, noted. I'll see what I can do about tracking the stuff down for it then. :)

    Is there anything that's coming out that you're looking forward to?
    You're welcome! =D Also, how're you been doing recently?

    Well, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. xD

    I'm sorry, but it's not in my place to remind somebody to do something. :3 Although, I'll be equally excited to see what CD posts when he does.

    I'm glad that you're enjoying it thus far! And it probably helps how similar everyone's characters are to the cast in P4 too. xD I do agree the story is going to rock!

    What other games are you looking forward to besides P5?
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