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  • Yoooooo. I'm doing alright. Gotta force myself to write for the exact reason you mentioned lol. I have a new piece of Blue Shift almost ready to go, but it needs to be edited and I still need to finish the final paragraph or two. So yeah I totally get what you mean.
    I have a feeling from the way the sisters are busy working and Light seems to be as busy these days, that Spirits may have to be on hold for longer with not enough rpers I'm afraid. :(
    Though I'll try and see if I can get some kind of post written that can catch all of their attention. ^_^
    But tell me about Miracles and the Persona rp, I absolutely love the Persona games (If that is what the rp is based off that is).

    And hey!!! I'm not lazy like Sor... *falls back asleep again*
    *wakes up startled* Hmmm?!!!

    Oh hello Roxie. ^^ Sorry, yeah it has been ages, work the last couple of months have kept me away from doing any kind of writing.
    I'm on vacation at the moment so I've just been getting back ontop of work around the house and catching up on reading the books I've had waiting,
    Thanks to work I hadn't had the time or motivation to write anything, but I'm free for now while on vacation. ^__^

    How have things been with you lately? Rp and writing still going well for you? ^-^
    I've actually never heard of that :eek: It defs sounds interesting, but I don't think any Taco Bells around me sell that lol. I'll have to check it out though. I also didn't know there was such a thing as a Mcbuffet lmao.

    The only job I can think of that's like, super basic, would be something sorting papers in an office lol. That'd be boring though, so I say try and find some place that lets you do reviews or something! Also I'm trying to make my post in Persona right now but idk if I'll be able to finish it tonight. We'll see how it goes though!
    I preordered the game, so I continue to stall. X3

    That's so cool! I'm guessing the other worlds in the game will allow us to team up with one more character from each disney film, too? And of course they would, most of the other disney worlds more or less stuck to the original story, too. :3
    Right right. Even now I'm gonna head out in a bit to grab some chili cheese fries cuz I've been craving them for days now lol. I understand how it is with the job situation too. It's been two or three months since I've quit and even though I still have a good amount of money saved up, I still worry that I might burn through it all too quickly. XD I'm not sure how much help I can be in your job search but I'm rooting for ya. The best I can think of off the top of my head is like, some web-based job but I don't know how much of those are easily accessible.
    Yo Roxbox. Not much tbh. I'm trying to get myself writing more but I have motivation issues, as always lol. I'm also doing some workouts so I can get in shape. I used to eat a ton of junk/fast food and though it hasn't caught up with me, it's gotten me out of shape and I want to fix that lol. I also start some college classes next week. I can't say I'm really excited about them, but it's about time to move forward in life and those are he first step to do so! What about you? Anything going on?
    I haven't seen the trailer yet....I'm staaaaaalling. :'3 /hit

    That sounds awesomewsauce! I loved Toy Story, too. Do we really get to team up with them both? :D

    It's usually based on how many characters I need to post as. Although it seems like it's usually 2-3 sections per post, I've got two done so I'm trying to figure out with the other two. I know the two that haven't been done yet aren't interacting with any of the other characters, so I could easily leave off on them for now.
    You're welcome.

    Yeah I know, and "Virtual Hearts" might not work either.

    I know! :p I'm just trying to figure it out so I know how many sections I still need to do. :p
    Okay. xD

    I'm sorry for your loss. Is everyone doing as well as can be expected? I'm here if you want to talk.

    Hm, yeah we should do that. Do you have any ideas for it?

    I've been working on a post for Miracles, I've got at least two out of the three parts done. I'm just trying to think do I want to do something with Tyler and Lucy in this post, or just do one of them and do the next one the next time someone posts.
    I'm sorry about not having worked on that SAO/Kingdom Hearts RP recently, I've been swamped with homework and I just found a tiny break to work on some writing. *as it is I've got two different tests (one on Monday and one on Wednesday) on starting next week* I'll try to send you some info with the abilities by the end of the weekend. ^^;;

    How have you been?
    Yeeaah, not here yet. I still have school until the 30th of Julyyyy. D: Even though the grades have already been finalized, which is really stupid. Now that you've said it, I can't wait for summer break to finally happen. No waking up at 5 anymore. What a relief! xD
    Trust me, I'd love getting some sleep now, but school is calling. xD Thankfully all of my exams are over though, was a really streasful month!
    Hi Roxie!

    Well, I've only slept for 2 hours, and there's literally a storm outside, so going to school will be hard now. Other than that, I'm doing fine, thanks for asking!
    What about you? Everything good? :D
    You'll have to talk to Max about that, tbh. We were waiting for him to finish school to write up posts for RPs, but now he's moving and is busy with that stuff. Not to worry though, we WILL get back to it! Just as I'll be writing my post in Miracles soon! XD I keep getting pulled away from it, sorry for the delay! And I'm doing alright. Work's got me a bit busy but after this week I should be back to my usual schedule!
    Nah, we're not done with Classic or Sword Art. For me, it was literally a matter of I just had zero free time my last semester at school. I'm about to be able to start post8by again regularly now.
    Well, Max is my actual name. Ever since I was a kid, like maybe 6 or 7 when I played my first RPG where you could name your character, I always used my own name. It's always seemed to immerse me more in the game world, like "hey, that's me!" When I first started Role Playing, one of the things about Persona Frozen was we were supposed to at least slightly base our characters on ourselves in some way, so I gave my character my name. In Sword Art Online, I decided that since I needed to use two names, I would use my real name for one, and then come up with a name for the other, especially since CD was also using a name from Person Frozen. After those two RPs though, I started branching out and using different names. I've used Dean Mason, Flynn Dyer, and Maximillion Wolfe (a bit of a cheat on the last one to mix up the Max haha). As far as video games though, I'll never change it. It will always be Max. I've mixed it up a bit in Role Plays though.
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