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  • Heck I'm not sure if I've done that. I'm almost positive I have but tbh I can't think of an exact situation off the top of my head. I'm gonna be looking through my old writing now to see if I find any. XD I'll let you know if I find any tho.
    *late reply is late, exams, exams*

    The characters you described sound highly interesting, but the visual description is still a bit confusing if I really wanna picture them, you get me I hope xD like Sakura but like Naruto but like Sakura second part and (just an example? xD) - - these descriptions confused me in the end and I don't know what fashion disaster I'd create like this lol
    I'd love to draw them out for ya, why not, but unfortunately that will be only after June is over, June and the beginning of July, because finishing art uni is top priority in my life now (of course it is x ^ x ). So until I am really free, I wouldn't want to keep anyone waiting so long after accepting a task. We can talk again about these things in July, refresh the idea and work it out :'D

    I'd write more but I am kinda short of time OTL I understand the passion about this and in fact I encourage it! keep it alive if it makes you happy, I like that ; w ; though I would love to write a better reply, because I could write out much more OTL
    That's also mostly down to personal preference lol. It's probably easier in first person, especially if both fighters are both the same gender (though a good way to get rid of the "he block his attack countered with a strike of his own" kind of deal is to sprinkle in names every so often to keep things clear. "Jay blocked his attack and countered with a strike of his own.")

    Also keep in mind that in third person there's two different kinds of styles you could go with. Third Person Limited which means the narrator only knows as much as certain characters do (Jay thought Ryan was being honest, but couldn't be sure.), and Third Person Omniscient, which means the narrator knows what every character feels and thinks. (Jay thought Ryan was being honest, but Ryan didn't know what the hell he was talking about) Limited is good for focusing on a few 'main' characters and omniscient is good for broader strokes and character development. Those probably won't come into play for you at the moment though so I'm just rambling lol, my bad.
    Oh, hey there!
    Indeed we never talked to each other, I believe ^^;; (maybe in threads, I think I remember one of your past avatars xD)
    I just vaguely know you as that one person who seems cool and has those nice Persona avatars, also posts in the RP subforum? Since I have almost zero experience in rping I was too intimidated to lurk around there xD
    I'm currently caught in this stormy universe called Final Art Uni Year, which gives me a lot of work, while I'm also doing philosophy uni simultaneously so that doubles it (BUT IT'S ALL WORTH IT), but in a month it will be all over. I'll be a free soul, able to embrace freedom and personal research T w T SOON
    and able to embrace gaming again ahahahahhhhh. I miss this
    Currently I a very out of the loop with KH news, but I sure want to know the release date soooo much! Can't believe we're actually here, personal life was so busy that I didn't feel the "long wait" like some call it
    aaaand how are you?~
    I used to always write in first person because I always felt it was easier, but honestly think third person is overall better. Um I'm not really sure what else to say tbh. If you have a gut idea, work towards it but try and keep the big picture in mind. I still have the issue where I write for the moment and make stuff up as I go along which isn't always the best idea. Also, if you think something is too stupid to write but you like the concept for it, write it anyway. DOesn't matter how dumb or bad it comes out, as long as it's out there.
    I also plan to keep Blue Shift going, but that's kinda slow going atm lol. And I say go for it! It can just be a quick one shot writing so have fun with it!
    I'm pretty good, unfortunately i'm gonna be out of town on vacation in Maryland, from tomorrow through the 10th.

    You'll be looking at about a 4 year dip in my abilities making stuff, it's been that long, but i'm willing to make you something.
    Funny you should ask. I was just in the beginning stages of rebooting CLASSIC--the first fantasy story I've written lol. I'm not sure when it'll be up and rolling but expect it soon™!

    You can write literally anything! So I would suggest the most interesting or inspiring thing you can think of. Either a cheesy romance story or an aimless battle, or just silly dialogue between friends lol. I need to get into the habit of just writing anything at all myself. I keep fearing it'll end up sucking but you know, who cares if it sucks? As long as you have fun with it lol.
    You’re welcome! I’m glad.

    I know what you mean, I’m curious to see what Avengers 4 is going to do to match it. Dream still hasn’t seen it yet since she’s trying to get caught up on movies first.
    Aight sounds good. I’ve been working on my post little by little and I should have it done tonight. Sorry it’s taken so long—this month has been ass lmao.
    Yeah. It did hurt a little but it wasn’t too bad.

    Read it and I was laughing because of Chloe’s comments, especially the Marvel reference. That’s great! Are you looking forward to seeing Infinity War?

    I’ve been doing alright, just been busy with school. I got a tattoo the other day. Otherwise it’s been the same thing as usual.
    I hope you like it.

    Unfortunately no, and this is the biggest disappointment for her with the program since she’d basically waited for two months after she applied for them to say no. Meanwhile this is my second time getting in and she’s hoping to get in when she tries again in the fall.
    True on that one.

    Yeah I did. And it does seem to be heating up. ;P

    I’m planning on getting a post done in the next couple of days, hopefully by Wednesday night.
    Okay. Glad to know you're okay.

    I'm doing alright, just been busy recently so I haven't been participating as much as I should on here. Hopefully I'll get some free time soon.
    Hey, Roxie!

    Right now? I'm making sugar. XD Yeah, I'm always going way too many directions at once, but since I actually got some writing done, I'm hoping it keeps me going in the right direction so I don't stop again. How've you been?
    lol yeeeep that happened. I was talking to KK about it as well. You'll see in a few days, but I'm starting the second act for NaNo in a few days, and it'll star a new character. Should be fun stuff. I was originally going to start a new story entirely, but decided to keep Blue Shift going since I wasn't too confident in the new story (needs more planning) and because I'd feel bad if I left Blue Shift at that for at least a month XD
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