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    Xehanort And Braig in BBS

    That's just stupid.....(plz don't feel bad).... MX and Xehanort are too different people.....Braig and MX are not partners......I don't see why you would think ATW would have powers like Namine. Its like you have not played the game nor done your home work on it......if you did you would not...
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    Never played this game. Please help!

    thats not a spoils cause that not what happens:31:
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    santcuary and its backwards lyrics.

    Idk if i agree with every one...then again i dont believe in coincidences...... it sound very real to be, i know some time people hear what there want to hear but i even tried not hearing it and i heard it so.....ya creepy
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    Keyblade transformation & the star object

    I agree with you, when i saw the bored i was like that does not look like a keyblade, it does not look like any think close to Ven's keyblade
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    Vanitas's voice actor Sora or Riku

    Nomura said the voice was his own:36: then he said he was joking :31:
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    Cinderella World

    Kingdom hearts lets us chose our one path, its one of the many things i love about KH!!
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    LOL their from the BBS web site, LOL i cant wait to play!!
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    Possible theory for Snow White world.

    I'm the only one dieing to fight the Queen?
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    Terra is Xehanort (Xemnas)

    I believe that Terra is Mansex! but what you just said does really proof any think. There a lot that show he is but there a lot the show is not at the same time. I think by the way they both look and how in the trailer and what we know he sunk into darkness. But Mansex dose not have a keyblade...
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    Aqua and the tree

    :eek:OMG do you think we will have to fight this Man eating Tree in the end?!:35:
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    Another new character?

    Well it CANT be Yen Sid cause Yen Sid does not have a Keyblade.....as far as we know?
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    Dilan is Sexy....sexy sexy sexy!! I have been coming to KHinsiders every 10min every since TGS just for this Trailer!! And it was worth it. I cant wait to play it i need it in order to live!!! Im dieing to know what the other Org. some-bodies role in this story!!
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    NEW SCANS! (Now with hi-res translations)

    Re: NEW SCANS! OMG I don't think i have every wanted any think sooo badly!!!! When BBS coming out....when the game is in my hands i may have a heart attack!!! BBS looks great i mean fighting with with Phillip i wonder who else we get to fight along side with. IS and one eles kinda said that...
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    The fact that the Dark keyblade that Riku had that unlock people's heart had to key chain either may mean that some keyblade don't have key chins at all for what every reason im sure we find out in BBS.........:36: i cant wait for it to come out, I'm dieing slowly just from waiting on it!!
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    Riku's memories in Xion?

    Yes i think i know what your getting yet but ( and i got to say i just realize it as i posting this) that i think he means before Riku came to that world the Castle Oblivion was. At first i thought he meant that Riku when to worlds before the Islands or he had memory's before the islands. ( i...