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    New Famitsu Scans & Translations! Dwarf Woodlands + Neverland [FINAL]

    This game just gets better and better.:D
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    Battle system and "Unique Commands" info from the new Famitsu

    Loving how this game is turning out!!!
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    Coded: Possible Wiiware game?

    It's possible we just have to wait and see.
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    [/LIST] 1#, 4# and 6# lol 5# just imagine.
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    After a thousand Xehanort theories....

    I like this theory it makes sense. DS and MX clearly have a bond to what extent no one know yet.
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    Maybe the symbol represent how the heart, body and soul come to form a (somebody) somewhere along that something happen to create a unbirth.
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    dual-weilding roxas, mickey, riku, larxene and Saix.
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    Vexen's laugh

    LMAO *falling out of chair* JAP VA is funny ass hell.
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    The death of Lexaeus

    XH killed Lexaeus because he didn't want nobody *ironic* to control riku but him.
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    What are unbirths made of?

    If i know nomura (really wish i did) he going to add something or twisted it around to answer such questions like this. I think the soul=light or darkness has to do with it.
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    mind speaking

    Coincidence, i think not!? lol it was just the timing.
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    Terra Saix?

    I would sooner say that terra and MX have a closer link than Saix.
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    Point of Sora in Castle Oblivion

    Marluxia wanted to use sora to take over the organization -_- like that was going to happen other than that i don't see why he would be there
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    Did you..?

    I thought the card system was alright but the only thing i didn't like the card points system were i couldn't make my deck the way i would of like it. Overall i give a 9/10.