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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Current Gen consoles are MEH
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    Anime/Manga ► Unpopular Anime Opinions!

    Death Note is the most overrated anime Boruto isnt terrible Fairy Tale is Meh (tho i honestly haven't watch much of it) My Hero Academia feels like a mash up of Anime i have already seen Only the first 2 seasons of HunterxHunter were good
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    How do you like your Coffee?

    Do you drink coffee? Why or why not? I have in the past. I stopped because I have never cared for the taste of it. How did you get started drinking coffee? Working Overnights got me into drinking Coffee. I realized i get the same caffeine rush from drinking soda or tea. Do you like your...
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    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    This.. See sora loose it and start wailing on Davy Jones was priceless
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    Favorite animal?

    Domesticated - Dog (Specifically German Shepherd) Wild - Wolf
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    I just happy that the trailer shows off there are more playable characters beside Riku and Aqua...
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    Why don’t xaldin and lexious have any lines to say?

    IDK but it felt very sloppy on Square's behalf. Same goes for Phil in Olympus. Why feature characters in cut-scene and leave them completely mute. Nobody would have missed if they didn't have lexeus, Xaldin, and Phil in the game.
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    New Forum Software

    Totally understand... It just a change... I was used to clicking on the KHI banner to get back to the home page of the forum, so with it gone my first reaction was to click on home. Just realized that clicking on forums gets you back to the forum homepage.
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    New Forum Software

    Its a tad annoying clicking the home button at the top and it taking you to the KHInsider home webpage rather than the Forum home.
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    13 clashes to forge the X-Blade

    You're pointing out all of the plot holes of the story. There were a shit ton of ways for Xehanort to achieve his goals. This route was taken just because it revolves around the main cast of the game. I wouldn't make sense for him to go after other wielders mentions in the secret reports. He was...
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    13 clashes to forge the X-Blade

    I think you guys are taking the clashing part to literary. He needed 13 hearts which are represented in the no name keyblades. He had 12 the final now was obtained by striking down kairi. The whole "you need motivation" line seems more of him just trying to piss Sora off so he can enjoy the...
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    Kingdom Hearts III Mod Shows Unaccessible Areas of Twilight Town and Radiant Garden

    KH3 uses in game renders for (Most of) its cutscenes so it makes sense that the assets are located close to each other. imagine how annoying it would be when you are in that cutscene where zexion calls you when you are with the twilight town crew and you have to go to a loading screen.....
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    13 clashes to forge the X-Blade

    I think the basic Idea is that Xehanort need 13 "No Name" Keyblades to forge the x-Blade. With the clashes listed above he got 12. then if you add the one he wields normally it makes 13...