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  • I think the only reason mine is still going is because it's a popular subject. Think of something a lot of people have been talking about but not started a thread on. I don't think there are any FFXIII theory threads, maybe you could get an idea from that.
    Thanx. I'm waiting to see what you pull out of your hat too. Speaking of waiting, some person didn't send me their theory when they wanted me to post it. Where's the sense in that?
    I've just been adding to my first one really. I'm not sure what I should make out of a second thread that hasn't been done.
    He's got a new thread but I haven't checked in on it. It was going alot better then his last two though.heh heh. The almighty Mods taught him a lesson, but now I think I tread a bit more lightly when I see one...
    Thanks! Yours weren't so bad either. I saw this new kid get two threads closed in about an hour. The first one only got one post after it opened lol. The next one did'nt do much better.
    I think so. I keep on having to go back and edit the theories though, lol. Zspek let me put up his theory but it's really long. I'm trying to think of a way to make it shorter without making it lose sense.
    I've added like 3 theories to the thread but yours seem to have died overnight.
    the picture in ur sig is not accurate roxas weilds the oathkeeper in his left hand and oblivian in his right
    I still can't help but feel a bit of sympathy for those poor threads. Maybe they'll pick up or something. And I really need criticism from people on my thread. Not all bad, just not completely one-lined.
    THANK YOU! I wish I could say the same for your threads but events have taken a downturn...And I'm not allowed to post twice in a row lest I face the wrath of KHI
    Ah ok. I think I didn't notice due to grammer, but if I were to stand by that that means some 20 year old is classified as 11. Oh and I just added another theory someone gave me to the thread.
    did the computer not read my message?....I may have it sent to my page.Once again proving I suck with technology.
    I'll keep in touch don't worry. I'll even keep your threads up when I get back on.
    Cross our fingers! lol. I might log on later tonight but not sure. My sister has managed to kick herself off her own computer so I may end up stuck with that....I still don't know how she did it.
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