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  • I plan on getting in an active rp game and enjoying it. I can't post TODAY though since I got some things to take care of at home, so I'm gonna head out soon. Sorry for the delay.
    Hey, in your Era of Darkness roleplay, is Riku available for use? ..I can create a post showing how I'll use him, if you'd like?
    lol a week isn't as great as it seems ... It gets rather dull nearer the middle lol xD
    Cool :p i was thinking about seeing it, but I want to see It's Complicated aswell, I don't have the money for both lol but cool, I didn't know there was a book about it :O lol
    I think it depends on what English you do, for instance, I do Literature and Language - but I couldv'e chosen only to do lit or only to do lang ... I think each one has different books.
    And yeah, I think the party's going ahead now *excited* lol
    Awesome, we have the whole week off *sigh* I would prefer just two days lol
    And cool - is that the Lightening Thief one?
    I'm not up to much really ... I need to read Wuthering Heights for coursework but I might just go to a party instead lol x)
    I'm good thanks xD Think I've got my way sorted around this site :p
    Up to much this week then?
    or maybe i'm just not good in noticing people lol hehe. inorite? xD school takes the fun out of most things.
    hehe no problem bro,

    and about that, uhm, i wasn't able to continue it actually. ^_^ i've been kinda busy especially with school. how about you, how's it goin? i haven't seen you around the forums..
    Lol it does kind of sound strange but I kind of understand just the same.

    Yeah I dressed up as Sephiroth. Do you go trick-or-treating.

    Lol yup that's life!
    Oh don't worry about that I forget to talk to people often! I am actually rather anti-social when it comes down to it lol.

    Pretty good all things considering. We finished all of the Halloween costumes that we had been working on but now I need to catch up on all the stuff I couldn't do online while I was sewing.

    And how about you?
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