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  • No, just left everyone the option. Obviously Ryan is gonna try and be with Naxen through the night, I'm not intending for anyone to make love =/ a kiss or embrace, anything like that is cool by me though. We good?
    Hah, I let them know, you can always back me up. So you WILL let Riku interfere with Drake nearly killing the son of a God? xD
    Hey, do you wanna say that its getting late so we could potentially start the next day? We can't have an adventure in a single day after all :D ..and besides, maybe Riku can head out to Olympus to find something out, and if that one guy tries killing Hercules, Riku can step in.
    It will xD
    Maybe it would be good to start a petition lol - make sure Sigourney Weaver is in Alien 5 xD jokes haha :p
    Exactly ... It will be a bit like Alien v Predator probably but without the predator ... :C
    If they do a fith one though that's a sequal though - she may look a bit old but still, we have make up!! lol
    lol yeah me too :p
    Awesome, yeah, I love her in the Alien ones too! Apparently their gonna make another Alien film but it's gonna be a prequel so it's highly unlikely that Sigourney Weaver is gonna be in it v_v lol
    Fair enough then ^^
    Fair dooes - I hate science lol - loved my teacher though :3 But 2 1/2 hours each week is nothing haha - I had 8 hours a week of science when I was in school xD I'm sure you'll do well in the exam though - I thought that with my law one a few weeks ago but I think I got it okai ^_^;
    Avatar is brilliant xD I watched it a few days ago - made me giggle and cry - Sigourney Weaver = <3 lol :D
    lol maybe xD It's still a good course though, don't just let the books put you off :)
    And me too haha xD
    Well ..in KH2 he only had what, two moves?..Dark Aura and Dark Shield. I'd just rather not abuse either, y'know?

    Oh, and that Dark Aura move in CoM where he flies in the air ..expect that to return.
    Why not instead a Corridor of Light ..sounds cliche, but it would work, a Gummi Ship just doesn't sound like Riku lol.
    I think I've got time to attempt to stop you ..but how will Riku get around now, he can't make portals anymore. And he lost his cloak too D:
    Thanks, glad you liked it, I'll post whenever I can, I just hope you guys have the patience to wait for me, can't be online all day =/
    Well I guess Riku's is still unknown....... ummmm well........this is awkward.
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