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  • i know right! and thanksgiving break too! by the way what grade are u in? im in 8th
    really? me two! my teachers have just been hammering us with project after project! it sucks
    he was pretty good but it was just another ansem when i had no clue on who he really was .
    oh now you remember lol jking
    I been good busy but good
    What about yourself.
    yo roxas not sora how it been dude its been a lot time remember i use to be ay to twilight now i'm chaso lol
    And Xemnas name was Xehanort which in turn may not even be his real name.
    An assumption isn't made without actually thinking a little bit. The only reason
    ppl had misunderstood a connection between the two was because they figured
    that since Riku had given in to darkness, he too had developed a nobody, but
    at the same time they couldn't quite understand why Sora and Ansem SoD had
    maintained their bodies. In this case ppl thought Riku went through a similar
    transition, and his nobody came out to be Axel who would of course have a deep
    connection with Roxas. That is of course wrong as you and I know that, and not
    everyone finds it applicable to view the sources of everything trivial in KH. It
    was a misunderstanding to those who had made the claim, and it's over and done

    Ppl will make similar mistakes with 358/2 days, and BBS, as they did in the past,
    that's why i don't refer to them as stupid, just misunderstood. Now someone who
    is stupid, is someone you prove wrong in a debate while also possessing facts to
    claim that they are indeed wrong. And there are plenty of stubborn members like
    that, but it's noting to be bothered with.
    and so in retaliating to the defense, he asks "then why are you responding to me?"

    take care
    I personally don't agree on it. I hope Terra and Xehanort are their own people.

    But, you can't set aside the strong similarities they have. Which I think, in theory/with out my preferences, must mean something, or at least a connection between the two.
    urwelcome :D[rep!]
    i like motivational posters thats why.
    um, for all i know, YOU can't transfer it, you have to ask a mod to do it.
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