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  • Yeah, it's fine. I'll let you know when I have everything I need. You didn't? Why, what happened? ;_;
    Hi! Yeah, Adamant raises attack , lowers Sp. attack. Is that good? I'm trying to get wings and stuff now. How've you been? Have a good Halloween?
    How will I know if the nature affects certain stats? I have one that's Modest, It's Attack = 5, Def = 6, Sp A = 5, Sp D = 6, and Speed is 6. The word Attack is blue, and Sp. Attack is red. Is that good?
    Dang it. I need to find those items. And I'm laying a bunch of Larvitars. Some have Quiet, some are Naive.
    What are the ev training items? I'm playing Black. And it will be kinda easy to get wings and stuff. And I've only ever had 1 Pok with Pokerus. Maybe I'll get really lucky...
    Maybe I'll check it out sometime. I'm gonna lay a Larvitar egg, so I can start from square one, and get used to EVs. I'll let you know what it's nature is. What would be the first step in raising it?
    Ah, I get it. Great! I usually use carbos, etc. on a pok to enhance the stats they are lacking on. Say I have my Galvantula. It's speed is really high, but it's defense is low. So, I use Iron to crank it's defense up a bit. Did I get that right? So, what did you think of my team? :D
    Hey, man! How are you? So, what are EV's? I've heard a lot of people talking about them.
    Well, it looks like they're all gonna be on PS3, so all you'll need is that. Except a 3DS for DDD. Then you can see everything leading up to the finale, KH3! ^w^
    i've beaten all of them more than 5 times each. (kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts: chainof memories; both the gba and ps2 version, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts birth by sleep, kingdom hearts 358/2 days, kingdom hearts: re: coded and most recently Kingdom hearts: 3D
    Played every one except DDD (cuz I don't have a 3DS). Haven't played 1 or 2 in forever though. BBS is also a good one. Did you hear about the HD collection coming for PS3? It has KH1, Re:Chain of Memories, and a movie-ish cutscene theatre for 358/2 Days. They're getting everything ready for KH3! ^_^
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