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  • Just reading the KH2 manga and lol-ing that Seifer actually has a crush on Kairi in it - like ACTUALLY.
    You? XD;
    Hey there :O
    Pretty busy lately, with school unfortunately. Haven't had that much time to indulge in my KH obsession this week. Sadfaceee.

    What about you? C:
    Doesn't it? I found it while browsing old folders and decided to use it X3
    Oh that one.
    I just re-read a bit over that again.
    Gods, half the people there do exactly what they accuse me of XD;;;
    o3o and they ranted so in-depth over me to boot and call ME lifeless. Huff.

    Beri's awesome o3o we have fun.
    Lol I got her to like SoNami a bit xD I feel accomplished.

    So sup with you? :3
    Oh, it's a long lasting thing. Ever since the Kairi and Namine essay, along with me not shutting up.
    I guess it's so "in" nowadays to hate on Xion that people forgot they used to call me names for acting that way about Kairi. Do ho ho.

    What brought this about?
    Khfanficrants? :eek:

    And btw, your post is interesting--Kairi being corrupted by the light. I think she already has been at this point in the series, hence her sudden and quick-to-judge attitude of Riku at the beginning of KH1. "You know, Riku's changed," and "let's take the raft and go-just the two of us!" Hell, I'd take it if it meant she was given an actual role. c:
    Huh? It's not really asking for trouble. You don't give the folks there enough credit. Not that I can get mad at you, considering I didn't either for a while. xD
    I think this is where you should re-enable pms and take this there.
    otherwise, what happened?
    It's not that hard though. RAX had ice cream scenes while TAV had as their biggest trio moment "and we never saw each other again". They were completely on the say so level.
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