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    It seems nonoe has noiticed my return....

    Thanx for nothing guys!:lol: Really made me feel welcome for saying nothing to me! Anyways it feels so good to return! :cool: "noneo was a typo i meant to say noone"
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    Iron man 2!!!!!!!!!

    YouTube - IRON MAN 2 UPDATE It's offical that Iron Man 2 is set for 2010. A few acting replacements along with new characters have been added in the moive. Also here's a page that has updates on the movie: Splash Page » ‘Iron Man 2’ Rumors Cast Tim Robbins As Howard Stark, Hawkeye & Black...
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    Batman 3

    Ive heard that the offical release date is 2011 and Jack Nickelson will be playing the Joker as well as Jonny Depp playing the Riddler. As far as i know this is the only ture trailer for the movie: YouTube - *NEW* Batman 3- The Caped Crusader [ Official Teaser Trailer 2011 ] (riddler) Please...
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    I lost my e-mail account so i had to make a new profile but im really RiyKyu.