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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • I will. I'll find a job. I'll let all my friends know when I do. XD
    You changed your profile again, nice. PURPLEY COLORS. LOL!
    Awww how come? Boring? Or just not enough time? XD
    Oh nice. Would love a Suzaku from Code Geass keychain. ;__;
    Really? :O How come? LOL you don't have to answer that. I can be the same way. >_>
    I think I do. I don't know. Wait, I'm not even sure. And it's financial aid, I shall think. Lol Spelling Nazi. O_O but eh, your fine. :p
    Oh I see. Cool. I see. Want to get me the Transformers game. XDDDD
    Your welcome. Talk to me when you see okies or whatever.
    LOL really? Any anime, KH, or anything cool? I got a Snoopy one as well and a Bleach one.
    So how come you never show pics on your FB again? O.O
    may i remind u that we are 2 poor right now about everything. i might not have money to get paper 4 school. which is tomorrow. we are so poor we are po.
    Yes, thank you. XD
    Ah yeah, that's cool. I still need a laptop as well and a Wii and probably a PS3. lol.
    Really that's awesome. How come is that? It goes on sale then because kids are back in school or something?
    Awesome, I added you. :p
    So I got a Bumblebee keychain today, which was nice! XD
    Yeah, I might do sometime soon when I can more of my drawings in and so forth.
    Cool! Ah, I see....better colors then? Yeah....
    I want to get it Amazon.com once I get a DS and all that.
    Okies. Well what's yours? I could add you.
    Your welcome.
    Who doesn't love those? LOL.
    YAYYYYYYYYY.......um, if I want to and can!
    Really? What kind do you have? Me too and The World Ends With You but I heard they are not in stock anymore because Square Enix took them back.
    Yes, I do. Do you?
    Awwwww hope you feel better.
    Same. I<3 it......and the robot battles are always my favorite part. It tops any war movie day, IMO. XDDD
    Yeah......awww....that's cool. I can't wait to see. :D Hopefully!
    Oh I see. Yeah, same here. I need a DS. xD
    Oh hey! It's been such a long time! I've been doing pretty good, though I'm sad summer is almost over. How have you been?
    Yeah, I have to do the same. Some people are waiting for me to show my artwork and others are waiting for me to upload some.
    Yes, I loved that part. I was like "YOU GO OPTIMUS!" XDDDD OMG Jazz's death was tragic, I was like 'NOOOOOOOO I hate you Megatron." I miss Jazz and I feel bad that Jetfire had to sacrifice himself but I love the twins and Bumblebee and how Bumblebee kicks one of the twins when they are entering the Pyramid, it's so funny! And yeah, they definately do.
    Cool. Ah, I see. I kinda am too. I have friends that work with graphics, so it's awesome!
    Ah that's nice. I like some of her songs. Just listened to samples though from a store that had music and headphones. XD
    Oh it's fine...
    Same here. I might do so tomm.
    Who doesn't love the robot fights? They are like the highlight of the movie. Not how hot Shia or Megan are. XD No offense, I really do love their acting. Who's your favorite robot? I love Bumblebee! I want to own him sooooo bad. XD
    FC section cool! Do you have any friends who have FC? Aw, that's cool. You know how to make graphics? :D
    Ah, I see. lol I know right? So did you get Demi Lovato's new CD? :D
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't mind summer. I like it.
    Thanks. Same to you too. Yeah, I know right? I love the robots and the action and Shia. XD How about you?
    My dad and my guy friend love Megan Fox. XDDDD
    Ah I see. Aw that sucks. I've been doing RP and other things on here.
    I don't go on Facebook that much anymore.
    OMG! heyyyyy long time no speak! Well, I'm doing alright. Starting college in about 2 weeks and saw Transformers 2 today and my summer's been eh but otherwise, I'm okay. How about you? How are you?
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