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    Fanfiction ► Myth and Magic

    Wow,this story is awesome!I cant wait chapter 4 ^_^
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    Fanfiction ► The Storyteller

    Awesome ^_^ cant wait for chapter 4.
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    (((~*-.::The Diluted.Past Fanclub::.-*~)))

    .:Here ya go Diluted:. .:This is for you,one of my best friends on the forums:.
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    }*{~@+.:The Haku Fanclub:.+@~}*{

    !~THIS GOES TO MY GREAT FRIEND HAKU~! Have fun,and make him feel special...he likes that ^o^
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    No,its not boreing yet for me,even though I have beaten it like 20 some times .__. I still enjoy kicking nobody's ass'
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    \~@.:The Anti-Yaoi Fanclub:.@~/

    do you not like Yaoi?Do you think its disturbing? if so,then join this fanclub.
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    Fanfiction ► The Storyteller

    Very Good,I cant wait for chapter 3 ^_^
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    ur opinion should Roxas and Namine return?

    That's be cool if they came,just to see Namine get kid napped again and see Roxas get pissed and use the wrong side of the keyblade >.>
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    Fanfiction ► The Storyteller

    I liked it,kept me intrested. Very good in my opinion,you should keep this up.
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    Fanfiction ► a Sonic Fanfic(it dun have a name >>;;)

    ooooh,I like it ^^ you should write more
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    Cloud v.s Link

    Cloud- A brave and Courageous Ex-Soldier v.s Link- The Hero of Time and holder of the Triforce of Courage who do you think will win? here is the scenerio: A dark meadow in the middle of nowhere a battle to the death. ok let the debate begin
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    Did you ever...

    Yes actually I did,I mean there perfect for each other >_> and he loves her and she loves him,and hes like yep..Im cool >_>
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    Fanfiction ► Hope's Last Battle(A Collaberation Fan Fic)

    ..::::WARNING PG-13::::.. This is a Story with Some Characters from - Legend of Zelda - Final Fantasy 7 - KH2 .:The Prolouge:. A New evil has arisen from the Darkness,This evil was created by the darkness and sins in every heart. This new enemy is unknown to to the Heroes still,but they...
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    link&Cloud v.s Sephiroth&Ganondorf

    Ok here it is,a tag team 2 on 2 battle between Cloud and Link v.s Ganondorf and Sephiroth.who do you think would win this epic battle?i've been pondering who would win for quite a while now,so I just thought I'd like to hear everyonelse's opinon. Let the Debate begin!
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    Ruroni Kenshin v.s Shinobi

    who do you think would win this battle of samurai v.s ninja