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    question about aqua *SPOILER*

    im very curious as to what happens to aqua after she enters the realm of darkness after she fights the 4 darksides/has those little flash backs then the creds just come on..does anyone know what happens to her?
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    SPOILER ! after day (359)

    >====SPOILER ALERT FOR SOME<=== k well after xion dies , roxas heads back 2 whoop mansex but along the way he gets beaten by riku and taken 2 the fake twlight town my question is did namine alter roxas's memories so he would forget everything? and plant new memories for him to go by? for...
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    need some DS help on games

    hey there , well im basically looking for some new games to buy for my DS and im more of an RPG person then anything so im wondering if anyone could recommend a DS RPG (not358/2days) that you think would be suited and enjoyable for a mostly RPG playing person thanks in advance
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    how long did it take you..

    to finish the game? lol it took me about a week or so roughly same time as kh2 took me but w/e just curious to how long it took the rest of you and if you thought the game was too short for you
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    xions appearance

    well seeing how people see xion as others see her in their own image for examples...xigbar sees ventus , roxas sees sora (sometimes) resembles kairi, others see her with her hood on instead so my question is...who does xion see herself as? kairi with the blackish hair? or was that just some1...
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    *SPOILER* quick question about xion/roxas

    idk if this could be a spoile rput that just in case but anyways o.0 my quick question is right after the fight with xion her 1-3 forms does she die right there? cause right after that fight u fight riku and he transforms and takes roxas 2 the fake twilight town
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    are you serious?

    i hope this is fake... http://www.vgboxart.com/boxes/Wii/8919_kingdom_hearts_iii-orig.png
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    perfect kairi cosplay

    i didnt know where else to post this but this is by far the best cosplay ive ever seen it loks just like she would in real life http://fc64.deviantart.com/fs16/f/2007/125/a/b/KH1_Kairi_Cosplay_x3_by_LiL_KRN_YUNA.jpg
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    Dead Fantasy 1-2

    Dead Fantasy Episode1 Gametrailers.com - Monty Oum - Dead Fantasy I Dead Fantasy Episode 2 Gametrailers.com - Dead Fantasy - Episode 2 ultimate keyblader kairi shown in ep 2
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    blue screen?

    well i couldnt find the tech support link anymore did that get removed? so thats why i post this here anyways when i turned on my pc this morning it was fine but when i came home 6 hours later the screen was all mutli-colored mostly blue tho any idea's why that would just randomly happen? and...
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    Sora's father

    this just came to me a few mins ago but what about sora's dad if sora got the keyblade maybe he inherited it from a bloodline or something we only hear sora's mom for a sec when she calls him for dinner so i dont think theres any importance there but they havent even touched base on his dad...
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    what the hell is wrong with japan

    ok so why is it that almost all the guys in kh are gay (riku , axel , sora , roxas ) like the secret message in kh is its ok to be gay? they press on it to much the men are way to close in these games i hope terra isnt gay for ven like seriously and also YouTube - Kairi and Namine's Gay Boyfriends
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    just curious abot those who play this game when you install the language pack will it make my pc all japanese and i wont see anything in english por will it just read japanese text and keep english?
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    riku possesed?

    this is what i dont understand heartless can take normal forms like we have seen example shadow neo shadow etc. right so why does ansem have to posses riku to show a form?
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    the mugen corner

    ok ive been getting questions about mugen and eve battle screnpack so im going to tell you all where to download each with tutorials and myself now lets begin first things 1st go to this site no limit winmugen patch there you will download the no limit win mugen patch its the 1st one...