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    I just have a quick soundtrack question...

    What's the song that plays at the end part of the secret ending for Birth By Sleep Final Mix?
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    I recently bought an Ultimate Codes disc for PS2 and it won't read it...

    I doubt it's my ps2 because it reads every other disc and dvd just fine. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? The disc is not that scratched up so that shouldn't be the reason...
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    Can you add codes to Action Replay's that come with codes such as....

    The Kingdom Hearts & FFX disc, or the one that comes with Soulcaliber 2 codes? Because I want an Action Replay for PS2, but I want a cheap one and adding codes wouldn't be a problem.
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    Hopefully getting Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ soon....

    Anything you guys want me to know? I have everything ready for my PS2 to play it and all, so that's good. I just wanted to know if you guys wanted to tell me any tricks or anything else I should know. Thanks.
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    Question about the heartless...

    Ok, first of all I apologize if this has been answered before, but I was replaying the series and something came up. In the first one, Leon calls them "those without hearts" yet in Kingdom Hearts 2, Saix says something along the lines of...."Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. The rage...
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    Need help finding what I need...

    My laptop heats up too quickly and therefore shuts down automatically when this happens. I'm trying to convert video files to MPG so I can burn them onto my DVD+RW. But after the converting process has been going on for 3-6 minutes, the laptop overheats and shuts down. The only time I've...
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    Need help finding the name of a PC game...

    All I remeber is u play as some guy who's weapon is an electric, shocking thing. And some enemies include a wind up mouth toy, a giant machine, and some other things. I believe the name was Jack Flash, but when I search 4 it, there's no information. Help?
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    I need help in a star wars game...

    The game is Star Wars: Lightsaber Battle Game for the TV. I need to know how to use force powers in the game. Does anyone even know what Im even talking about? Thanks.
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    I have a question about final mix+

    Sorry if its been discussed before, but why didn't square-enix just release this instead of just re:CoM? I mean, they could've probably made more money out of it.
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    Game Informer has section (small) on 358/2 Days, NO PICS!!

    I got today's issue and there was a small section on the game. I can't upload any pics so sorry about that. It basically said that the game takes place while Sora was asleep, and that there is a 14th member of the organization. So, basically everything we know. They believe the U.S. release...
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    For those that play DBZ games...

    I am thinking of getting infinite world for the ps2 and/or supersonic warriors 2 for the ds. What do you whom have played these games think of them? Also, if you want, this can be used as a topic to talk about DBZ games in general.:)
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    Gamefaqs has new english pics from gamespot!

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Box Shots and Screenshots for PlayStation 2 - GameFAQs Sweet huh.
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    This vid has 2 confirmed cheats for Re:CoM

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Re: chain of memories cheats codes confirmed If it's been shown before don't flame me.
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    Why does video I found say 358/2 days is set for a winter release in Japan?

    YouTube - Tokyo Game Show 2008 I think they also have some new pics.