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Recent content by Rexy

  1. Rexy

    Princesses of Heart and Sleeping Keyholes

    Hi there. Long time no see! I've been having these wierd thoughts lately. Can we discuss them? For once we know that there are many sleeping keyholes. I do believe that there are only seven in order to gain the power of waking, but onde you set foot in the sleeping realm, you can creat one to...
  2. Rexy

    Keyblade Transformations

    Really like those ideas! Going to update with kh2 keyblade latter today. Thanks for the help. I like imagining this things.
  3. Rexy

    Keyblade Transformations

    Hi everyone, it's a long time since I last logged in in here. How is everyone doing? I've played kh3 again recently and I really enjoyed the keyblade transformations and the ability to change from keyblade/tranformation mid-combo. Personaly I love starting to attack with ultimate form, doing...
  4. Rexy

    Requirements for the Secret Ending

    The easiest way that i can think of is with Ven on Dwarf Woodlands's mine, or Yen Sid's tower. Just kill them, leav and then return. Repeat as much as necessary.
  5. Rexy

    Finally got the Platinum Trophy

    The only kh game i have never completed 100% was Re:Chain of Memories, wtill trying to get the platinum on that game, but it's really tideous -.-
  6. Rexy

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Lobby

    Hi there. Just now have I bought the playstation plus, so only now can I play online. I'm asking if there are some candidates do create a lobby so that we can play without very long load times. Thanks in advance.
  7. Rexy

    The book of Pooh

    I have no idea were it could come from. Although I really think that it has connections with the Book of Profecies, and the Dandelions. I don't really know why, it's just a really 'heavy' feeling that I have. All the stories about the book being able to reconnect characters, the Dandelions...
  8. Rexy

    What have I done -.-

    Hi here. So I've completed Sora's story on the:Chain of Memories and started a gamw with Riku. I don't know how I did that but I save my new game on top of my Sora save file. My question is, after I complete Ricky's story, if I start a new one with Sora, will I be able to get the cards that are...
  9. Rexy

    Donald and Goofy D-Links are pointless

    Not all D-links are pointless in my opinion. Actually I use them quite a lot in various situations thanks to their 'abilities'. Usually I use Mickey to level up faster, Experiment 626 to command melding faster, to obtain new abilities and new commands to complete the journal, use Goofy to...
  10. Rexy

    Missing characters in Disney Town (Ventus)

    You have Captain Justice's D-link?
  11. Rexy


    5 - Destiny Islands 4 - Monstro 3 - Hollow Bastion 2 - The End of the World 1 - Neverland
  12. Rexy

    All Secret Bosses in KH 1.5

    I really like the idea of Phantom and I hope they give us more optional bosses like the heartless ones, and much more, not only one or 2 extra bosses but more like the kh1 did it
  13. Rexy

    Mission Crown List?

    Although every mission as a set number of crowns, I think they are listed under the mission summary, if you reaply them then you will earn 1 crown per mission you replay, and you have to do this in order to unlock every single panel on the moogle shop.
  14. Rexy

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Retrospective

    Once kh3 comes out I'll play all the game chronologically. KhDays I'll play them in the DS and Re:Coded will watch the movie... I really didn't like the Days HD movie...
  15. Rexy

    Miss Anything From KH1?

    puzzles, platforming, trinities and dalmations... I still think that if they changed dalmation into the Stitch experiments it would be awesome for kh3, wit some of them being extra bosses, when defeated we would get the capsule