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  • You already have bonus points in my book :D quite a few Kairi likers go "boo, you suck if you hate her". So <3
    And not really, no, unless they say that she's bitchy towards Riku due to being a PoH, and he's Darkness tainted. Would also explain her obsession with Sora through possible BBS relations. Hence, if her behavior is plot dictated, then much like Riku's behavior in KH1 - I can forgive it. It also means there will be development to 'save' her, and then she'll go through the same kind of development Riku did through Reverse-Rebirth, giving her finally depth and meaning. Her being at odds' ends with everyone would also give Riku and Sora reason to think about why they actually care, instead of shrugging and going with 'they said we're childhood friends, so'.
    Will it redeem her in the long run? Yes. Probably.
    Will it make me hate her less in what has been released thus far? Not really, as what I explained above is no doubt retconning and rewriting of her character. It'd be a whole new character, something along the lines of how I fail to see the relation between KH1 Kairi and KH2 Kairi.

    Also, you need to change your profile settings. Replying to you is impossible.
    Your avatar is made of win D:
    Though seeing how you like a certain redhead, I do not think we'd be talking too much XD a pity. Good day c:

    It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow Kairi fan here! I'm glad you joined the club too! And I like your avatar; it's pretty!
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