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  • "You get a plus in my book too. I have very little respect for the Kairi haters who hate Kairi for "getting in the way" of SoRiku. I'm a huge fan of that pairing and hating a character for a favorite pairing is sad. :/"

    Ugh. Saying that is wrong on so many levels.
    1) As someone who believes that SoKai is a lie, and that any sort of friendship between Riku and Kairi is myth and is there only so they could both be next to Sora without him suspecting anything, hating on Kairi because she comes between Sora and Riku is saying she can, and I wish people'd realize that's what they're saying.
    I fail to see why I should give her the credit for that, seeing my beliefs say otherwise.

    2) That's saying I should be hating on Namine as well, seeing how in CoM/Re:CoM Sora and Repliku really DID fight each other over who'd get to save Namine, as opposed to KH1 where Riku displayed lack of concern for Kairi until Sora pushed him to his limits, and then Riku's concern for Kairi can be seen as a means to an end to hurt Sora.
    So if I don't hate on Namine for actually managing to do it, I fail to see why I should hate on Kairi for that reason.

    It's like people using the fact Kairi forgot about Sora in KH2 as a reason to mock and bash her.
    Uh, HELLO? Leon and co forgot him too? RIKU forgot him too? They just didn't make a whole issue about it because PLOT wise, there wasn't a reason to do so, whereas Sora and Kairi remembering each other had PLOT importance because of what Namine did in CoM and how Kairi is home representative because they failed to introduce any other character who'd fill that role?
    Jeez. I'm all up for hating on Kairi but please, have a good REASON for it. Not like those are lacking :\

    "I understand what you mean. Honestly, I don't like how she got even more underdeveloped in KH2; She started out kind of fine in KH1 and I expected better, but there are some things I like about her KH2. I really hope for a better improvement of her future games. (KH3?)"

    Her appearance in KH2 was shameful. Either they wrote her terribly and hence it comes to show something about how much meaning she has to them as a character, or they wrote her properly and then you see she's a rotten person.
    I mean, Selphie didn't hang around with her until Tidus and Wakka didn't have the time for Selphie. I think that comes to show something about what kind of a friend Kairi is to Selphie if she's only the backup plan. And then we have Kairi waving Selphie's plea for help and attention over the boyfriend she doesn't even remember.
    I'm sorry, which part of that scene is supposed to make me feel sympathetic for Kairi again? Either you made her to be bitchy and snobbish, or you "forgot" to base SelKai friendship and all that shiz and thus you actually say you don't give a rat's ass about it.
    Much like RiKai friendship and to a lesser extent (as they pretend to give it meaning in the present) - SoKai. Yes, because two kids drawing in a cave is excellent basis for romance.

    I hope for improvement in KH3 though I'm not holding my breath.

    "Plus, what would you like me to change in my Profile settings? I'll try to tweak it a little."

    Text box shouldn't be black, as that's the color of the text as I'm typing. I can't see what I'm typing. This was typed in in notepad.
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