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  • :36: squeek squeek squeek! I'm a mouse!

    (no, seriously. look me in the eye and tell me mouse ears wouldn't look good on my avatar)
    It ties in too well together, as well as give us a nice and dandy BBS-Days link possibility XD so yey.
    Oh, you're very much welcome, and thank you. I'm used to having lines upon lines of people tell me to stop hating Kairi, but now, there was a line of people telling people to get over themselves and deal with the hate. It was... amazing.
    The world's coming to an end now though.
    I'm a fan of asuma, christie, bryan

    yeah I kinda switch between everyone too but those are my favorites lol I haven't play 6 yet but I want to
    haha I know jin is so awesome xD

    the picture has amazing quality too o:
    :D about time.
    Would you need to use stuff after it's removed? Because it's been years but I still use... I donno the word in English... nightly for the upper jaw.

    Yes, well, like I said in the thread.
    A lot of people were certain everyone loved Kairi, too. The thing about Roxas is that ironically, he feels a lot less shoved in our faces because his contribution to the plot is a lot less debatable. He does things on his own and takes action, without needing to have it said that he's someone's MIP to matter to the plot. So even if people dislike him, they can swallow him a lot better than, say, Kairi. Hence a lot less complaints, hence seemingly less hate.
    Ah, you started about when I did then. You're at the age I had mine removed though. Here's to hoping you're nearing it too.

    Saw you at the new HC earlier XD; just looking, I take it?
    B, braces?! ;-;
    Oh ouch. Guh. Good luck with those. I had them at a rather late age too... but not quite as late :X
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