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Recent content by ReturnableMemory

  1. R

    A youtube problem

    I did not want to post this up but im have trouble; I uploaded a video about two days ago and its keeps on saying in status: Uploaded (processing, please wait). When i search for it it doesn't show up, can someone tell me what i should do?
  2. R

    Tidus and Wakka Nowhere in sight O.o?

    Well Selphie was in the game because of the conversation between Kairi I mean lets face, if Kairi was talking to Tidus or Wakka, it would be pretty akward to let out feelings to a guy. It also showed that during the year Sora and Riku left, the relationship with Selphie, Tidus and Wakka changed...
  3. R

    The Descent

    Anyone gonna see this movie? I think I am it looks interesting but I got pissed off when I heard they changed the ending for the US audience (if you didn't know this was a UK movie)
  4. R

    Curseing KH2

    minor cursing would have been good like the 'C' word or maybe even 'this sucks' both of these words aren't considered curses anymore but I'm just saying When Axel said hell I was like hurray cursing maybe he'll curse even more in KHII but was disappointing he didn't.
  5. R

    I don't believe this

    I have this big problem. Okay My birthday is less than two months away and I was thinking of not celebrating it this year, I was gonna tell my parents today but when I woke up my mom said she brought tickets to see Spamalot and needs me to invite three friends. Here is where the problem kicks...
  6. R

    Darth Vader vs. Sephiroth

    This might be the dumbest thing ever or this might have been done before but who do you think will win in a fight: Darth Vader or Sephiroth
  7. R

    com ending

    There is no secret ending just some images of sora in the pod and Roxas on the TT clocktower at the end of the credits.
  8. R

    What celeb do people think you look like?

    What the title says and please be honest:) . My family says I look like Anne Hathaway from the Princess Diaries or that new movie The Devil wears Prada.
  9. R

    Yes!!!!! I Finaly Beat It!!!!!!!!

    Claps for Haywire KeyBlade :D Congradulation on your winning the game, although it kind of sounds weird that you beat this after playin KHII;)
  10. R


    The First time he was pretty hard but once you beat the first time the second time is a piece of cake:p
  11. R

    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    I did, i don't think i have any other GBA games besides COM
  12. R

    Did you beat the last Paradox Cup?

    I've beaten the cup but I'm working on getting the stupid 15,000 points and some some reason I can't its always "I got the points but I die" or "I get up to the final battle but I'm literally 5 points away from the goal" I hate it.
  13. R

    which member of the organization is hardest to beat besides Zemnus

    Xaldin was probably the hardest of the Org. Xigbar was too but that was because of his big attack and all. Otherwise if you were able to avoid that he was easy. Xemnas, HARD? I beat him on my first try at level 56 (or something I don't remember the level but it was in the 50s)
  14. R

    Homigawd Kh2 Review Is On!

    It was seen coming and I'm okay with it KH and KHCOM both got 4/5 too so it's no surprise. All they did was show bits of the KH1 ending and the secret trailer too. Nothing special
  15. R

    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    The ones on kh-2.net are not the actual sea salt ice cream but something that looks like it. TN said that he tried the ice cream during a trip to a disney thing and he liked it. The ice cream does exist but I think its not sold in the US :(. My sister did go to a Japanese restaurant last week...