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  • Definitely! Ethy and I will also be attending the event to provide live coverage on KHI and FFN's behalf, so we'll be giving updates from the showfloor through KHI's twitter :3
    Not necessarily xD Downtime perhaps IRL, but online is going to be crazy, especially with E3 next month.

    Or at least that's what I'm hoping for because I hate news droughts.
    Not all of them right, Holes that was done by Diseny was a preety good adaptation that stuck to the story and even got into a little more detail the book didn't although, for reason understanding, some character aren't what you read from the book. And will be leaving at six, got a long walk home.
    I knew most of them were written by girls, but what about HS AU? I can't really think of any books that might have been been made into a movie.
    Alright! At work. Only 2 hours left until I'm freeeee~

    How are you?
    Anime Fandom are the reason you can't watchh one anime without thinking it's bad becuase someone said so. I watched School Days, and while I was shocked by the ending and wanting to kill the male lead, it was a good anime. Twitards, sadly my sister is a fan but I can say whatever I want about it... to my momther's friend's daughter, I show more respect, she's a kid and I knew she since she was a baby. Now, making the cliches my bitch by doing them all right with this one FT story.
    Fans never get what they want, so they bitch, whin, call the author a troll... Name calling, how childish. A kid whose seventeen, Wrote two Fairy Tail stories in a span of seven months (Now Fairy Tail has 175 episodes/329 chapters, covering everyone in good detail takes months of planning and work) and he's already pass me and my friend, when we are still at the first few arcs in both our retellings. His work, stories are rushed, the events are rushed, the change are so lifeless and do nothing but glorify the Effing Dragon Slayers and he somehow gets more followers/favorites when my work follows the series with the best detail I can offer, develops one o myf favorie characters who is made worse than the girls in KH and keep everyone in character. Also, he found a way to make them sluts in heat. How can his GMG be better than Hiro's, Fanfiction should NEVER be better than canon.

    Fanbases, like the more crappest stories when someone decent comes around, they overlook them
    I love the irony in their statements, they always wanted a Mewthree and when they get one, it's stupid to them... Gee, where I have heard that before?
    although Transformation was even before DBZ's time, I go with more what Mewtwo was as a kid. Watch the origin of Mewtwo and you'll see what I mean
    What I meant was she likes the female characters over the males one (got into a fit becuase Cilan beat his nutcase of a rival, then Ash, then Iris, then Shooty) Not everyone likes her, but there are even more worse people on Serebii, some from Bulbagarden... and I heard bad things about that site.

    Me too, our first proper spin off
    I think she likes girls over boys... Take that what you would of that. I mean, she called Clair sis, even called me sis. My avatar maybe a girl, but I am a boy... Unfortunately for my older sister.
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