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  • I'm into Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Arkham, and plan to get into Skyrim and reintroduce myself to Pokemon. Unfortunately, no anime unless you count Studio Ghibli films. I am a bit of a film buff and that's what got me into KH to begin with. What about you?
    Yeah. If not anything it's better for a cut scene in the middle of a chase. I always thought harry potter should have milked the moment there.
    FFVX looks great! I havent been in the full swing of hype over it until recently, like last year. The concept of a FF world that's so like ours is intriguing.
    Interesting that you say it should turn into a BBQ when one of the PS3s design quirks is that it looks like a BBQ.
    And MEs Keyblade being on the Island was kinda weird, but now that I think about it, it seems to be a hint that Sora may have to save him too.
    So did I. Well, that and the Blu-ray seeing I'm a something of a film buff. But in the end, I got into so many things I wouldn't know about had I not gotten PS3. No regrets.
    Everybody's heard about Kh3. Haha. I actually put the trailer on my PS3 after the hd version was put up
    I thought it was good, however I realized it's just the beginning and there is a long way to go for development. The FFXV trailer was beautiful.
    Yes, it's Eraqus' Master Keeper. Take the entire trailer with as many grains of salt as you would any other conceptual trailer.
    It was right after FFXV in the Sony Conference! A little past 7 PM PST yesterday.
    It was kind of last minute xD He doesn't post much, only links to FFN every once in a while in the FF section because he's busy managing that site. There's a picture of him around here somewhere...

    Actually no, you're the first who mentioned it!
    Sounds exciting xD Shamdeo was at that event representing KHI! Did you guys manage to meet up?
    Yeah, we went last year as well with Shamdeo!

    It's very busy and loud xD Since it's primarily for business, you've got to have a lot of patience if you're there for anything outside of, well, whatever it is that you're actually there for. The lines are horrendously long, and er... appearances can be deceiving to the staff (I mean that because we look younger for our age and some people thought we were just there to play :\).

    But it's a great opportunity and excellent to build community and catch up on everything that's going on!
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