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  • Ha. You're so right.
    Anyways school is busy. All I have is work. Being a student is hard. :(
    Still I'm sure it's all worth it.
    I'm good, but everyone was upset over a "dissapointing" TGS. There are other games besides KH3 and 2.5, they really need to broaden their horizons, both members and mods.
    As soon as I feel I have time for. Playing 1.5 plus the Assassin's Creed series and some Pokemon X/Y. I may get into chi for some light playing as soon as I'm done with 1.5. I do not have a japanese email.
    No, the pink Agaricus.

    I'm so gonna get into chi, unless a NA version is announced. Haven't checked the subforum recently
    110 hrs into KH1 and trying to get our dear pink fungai friend to leave me a gift.

    What's up with you?
    Okay, looks like everything's fine? Lemme know if there are any issues. Your password and whatnot are that of the original account, so I would recommend going over your settings to make sure everything works before logging out!
    Yeah, that'll do. Either myself or Taochan will be able to merge them together for you. Just tell us what the other accounts are and which one you'd like to use.

    Yeah, same here. Social games, especially those that aren't on a mobile system, generally aren't very popular in the west, but it's KH so I feel like it would unconditionally do very well.
    Yes, exactly that! If you have multiple accounts and only one of them is in use but would like all of the stats combined into one, we can do that for you.

    Glad to hear you're doing well!
    Hi Oath Breaker! So sorry I haven't replied back (I think you did send me that message some time ago.)

    Things are okay! I've been fairly busy between work, life and KHI, so I try to get things done. How are you doing?
    I've made an account via Yahoo! Japan, and it only required a Japanese zip code (which I googled), if that's any consolation. c:

    I've been doing alright, though. I'm away from home, at the moment, and it's still fairly warm here during the day, so it's been nice. I hate bipolar weather, though, so I sympathize. It's only been cold here in the mornings/evenings, thankfully.
    I want to say no. But you never know when they will decide to be nice to us. ;)
    I played the game for a bit. It was cute and fun.
    Ah, I can imagine! I'm glad it isn't totally destroying you though lol. Glad to see you posting too!

    I'm not sure we'll ever get chi in English, honestly, so I wouldn't hold my breath too long if I were you. You can always play it via Yahoo! Japan, though. There should be tutorials for it somewhere in the game's section we have set up.
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