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    Classic Disney Fanclub

    It needs love too. So this is for the GOOD Disney movies. Like Beauty and The Beast, Mulan, Pocahontas, Lion King, Tarzan, ect. Ranting of any Disney Channel crap will probably reside here. I might assign some members the fun of finding random stuff on classic movies. Accepted movie list-...
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    Trick Master help

    I'm level 29..i think. What should I be to kill him (standard mode) My health isn't that high and I don't have the attention span to level up.
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    Birthday time!

    That was a lame title.. Anyway, I turn 13 tomorrow and I know I'd probably forget to say anything about it. Bleh. Nothing much to say now... lol
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    Now I need help

    You may be surprised that I'm asking for relationship help(if you can even call it a relationship) but anyway. There's this guy I like. He's a grade above me, and I'm friends with his high school sister. He's in a band, is a total dork, and I have the biggest crush. Me and him are...
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    The Secret Life of the American Teenager

    I wanted to make a fanclub for it, but I'm sure I'd be the only member. Please don't let me be the only viewer that posts on this site
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    Lit ► Artemis Fowl

    I love the series. Except the last book and how weird Holly and Arty's relationship got. Discuss
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    Cloud in OC

    I can't seem to beat him. I think I chose standard level when I started the game. Right now I am level 16, my max HP is 170 and max CP is 450 Advice?
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    I don't think I spelled cologne right..oh well What do you think of it? Do you use it? Discuss Truly, I hate most colognes and perfumes. 1. They gag me 2. They smell terrible 3. The comericals I see are so stupid And they pretty much all smell the same.
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    America's Best Dance Crew

    Please don't let me be the only one to watch this. Those who do: What do you think of this seasons new crews?
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    ♥ lol, I just had to put a feminine touch on it for ya So, he's the vice-president of the Disney Channel Hate club He's one of the few people I actually have conversations with one here He's a texan boo! He's pretty awesome to make fun of hang out with And we need another place to spam :D...
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    My crappy drawings

    My first ever drawing that has every really counted. And of course it was of hands. When I started this, I was sight drawing off a picture on my computer. That was a miserable fail, so I printed it off in grayscale and traced the outlines. BUT everything else I did by sight. I'll post a bigger...
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    military families

    Who else has a parent or any other type of family member/friend in the military? My dad's air force and he's going on leave tomorrow morning for 6 months sorry if this is in the wrong spot. idk where else to put it
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    Axel/Xion fanfic

    I was bored and decided to write/type a fanfic on probably one of the least likely relationships in Days. Xion laid out on her bed, staring at the ceiling. This is what she did during the off time in between missions. Thinking about, well everything. Her only two friends, Roxas and Axel. Axel...
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    The Revolution Begins

    Note: Please keep your flaming to a minimum, im still very new at writing stories The Revolution Begins Chapter One A group of five huddled around the fire in an old, shabby house in the center of the city Ragna, trying to decide where to recruit new members for the slow growing...
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    Disney Channel Haters Club

    This is where all us haters of Disney Channel come. Yes we know there were those good things they had(and got rid of) but thats not the point now is it? We are here for some main reasons: HSM, The JoBros, Camp Rock, Hannah Slutana, and The shit Suite Life of Zack and Cody :D! Founder: ME...