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Recent content by Relliks Ban

  1. Relliks Ban

    So I was thinking

    Upon watching a whole bunch of Christmas specials and stuff, toys seemed to be the theme of a lot of them. You know, toys coming to life and stuff. I was thinking of a Toy RP. Now it would be NOTHING like Toy Story. And it would also have nothing to do with Christmas. What I had in mind was like...
  2. Relliks Ban


    Anyone! If anyone can hear this then I will have done some good in these horrible days. My name is Doctor Tinker. I'm at the CDC building in upper Henderson. We have food, shelter, and are searching for a cure. If anyone is out there, please come. I will open the doors every day at three o'...
  3. Relliks Ban

    Reloading! - The Sign up and OOC for the hit Zombie roleplay of the winter!

    RELOADING!!! Still accepting people. February 14th, 2010 We’re testing out a new formula today. Serum 926. Dr. Richards told me this one might be the one! As you know, we’ve been working on this serum for years now. Ever since my mother died of cancer, I’ve just been searching for a cure...
  4. Relliks Ban


    Yeah. They're getting pretty popular lately with all the comics and shows out, my brain getting sparked after watching the season finale of The Walking Dead. I was just curious, after spending months away from KHI, whether or not anyone's done a Zombie RP yet. I'm sure it's been done, as a...
  5. Relliks Ban

    Avatar: The beginning of the End (RelliksBan, Death, Kiba Collab)

    SIGNUPS AND OOC Ba Sing Se. Once the most powerful and massive city of the Earth Kingdom during the days of the bendres. Albeit this is true, the Earth Benders which made this city as powerful as it was, taking it from a small town to a bustling kindgom, are gone. The city has expanded...
  6. Relliks Ban

    Avatar: The beginning of the End (RelliksBan, Death, Kiba Collab)

    The Avatar. For centuries the Avatar was the ultimate being. Mastering all four elements of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, the Avatar protected the people of the world. It wasn’t until the last thousands years that the Avatar fell behind in being the world’s ultimate power. Technology. With the...
  7. Relliks Ban


    Ok, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to do an Avatar RP. I thought about this when I remembered The Last Airbender was coming out. I personally think it'll be cool, but that's besides the point. My point is, I have a feeling we're going to get bumfucked with avatar RP's as soon as the movie...
  8. Relliks Ban

    Red Leader Standing By...

    lol. Hopefully this doesn't need any explanation. facepalm Red Leader standing by.
  9. Relliks Ban

    Three way?

    Colab. Perverts. Ok. This is what I want to do. My friend and I have been searching the forums for a really good RP that we're into. So we wanted to have someone to colab with and make a badass Zombie Rp. If anyone is interested, don't hesitate to post here. Please. I really wanna try...
  10. Relliks Ban

    Pokemon: Super Awesome Journey Time!~Jhoto

    |Pokemon: Super Awesome Journey Time OOC AND SIGNUPS. ;D| “FALLON!” The ten year old boy shot up out of bed, grabbing his head with his hands. He was breathing heavily and sweat was dripping down his face. “Damn.” He whispered to himself on an exhale of breath. “I had the dream again.” He...
  11. Relliks Ban

    Pokemon: Super Awesome Journey Time [Sign ups and ooc]

    ACCEPTING TEMPS AT ALL TIMES Lol. Cheesey logo FTW! Everything subject to change by Saturday. Plot: Many thoughts come to mind when the word “Pokémon” is uttered. People may think battles, in which they can show off their Pokémon’s strength and will. Some think contests, where their...
  12. Relliks Ban

    Pokemon RP?

    Ok, I've decided to do a Pokemon RP, but I need some input on how I should do this. Would you guys wanna do an RP based towards the beginning of the journey, getting a starter, all that stuff. OR Would you want to do something like a major tournament where everyone has a full team and it's all...
  13. Relliks Ban

    Pokemon rp anyone? :<

    So, it's been a while since I've been on KHI, and I've been itching for a good RP. I was hoping someone would have made a pretty good Pokemon rp, but sadly, the only one up has a BAGIGIGIGIGIGILLLION and a half posts, so I decided to make my own. If anyone's interested, or wants to help out...
  14. Relliks Ban


    A young boy, most likely eleven, sat at the edge of the lake which rested just on the outskirts of the town known as New Bark. This town housed many young trainers, dreaming to make it big one day. This boy was no exception. His name was Aiden and much like the many trainers before him, he held...
  15. Relliks Ban

    Pokemon (Short and Sweet)

    Accepting anyone. Anytime. ;D Plot In the world of pokemon, there’s only two things to keep in mind; which pokemon to train, and how much money to demand out of your opponent after brutally owning them. People and pokemon have been living together for as long as man can remember. They live...