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    OZ-Over Zenith

    Over Zenith (or OZ for short) is a game made by Konami that I really want to come out in America because it is a Jap game :/ any ways i love it so much and it looks like an awsome game. the only details that I know about it is that Feel (the main character and the person on my profile picture)...
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    The Pop up Master

    Hello everyone and welcome to Pop up master, today i would like to see if you can stand the torture of Pop ups (no not the ad ones or the porno ones) if you are up for the challenge then click teh LINK then after you must tell me if it was funny as...
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    A Prequel to KH3?

    I don't know if this has already been posted but does anyone think there is going to be a prequel to KH3 kinda like how CoM is a prequel to KH2 and if so what would it be called and what system would it be for? For some reason i think it's going to be out for the PSP but then again CoM was for...
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    Hello....everyone... been to alota fourms so i sorta kno the universal fourm rules anyway ya....