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  • Ohh okay guitars are really nice. My friends play the guitar and it sounds great. I love the sound of violin more than a piano though, actually. I wish I learned the violin instead.

    Do you sing in certain events or something? That's really good, I wish I had a nice voice but too bad I don't. XP
    Ohh! What instruments do you play? I used to play the piano for...a really short while, and I totally suck. XP
    Hahaha. XD I didn't have much drama in high school though. XP
    I hate Math. History was okay for me, but it wasn't really an important subject for me. Gym (or P.E. in my school) was never really graded. What's Careers?
    Are you in high school or college? Or University? I just graduated from college. Which is why I'm having holidays. I'll be attending University in February, hopefully. :3

    What subjects do you take?
    Oh, I didn't mean that. I mean even if not always, you'd end up coming back a few times to check on the forums. But I left for a few years because of some reason I don't know (maybe because of my exams or something). And now I'm on holiday, so I'm here quite often.
    Even if you wanted to, you can't. -_-


    I left for two or three years actually. Then I came back this year, a few months ago. I guess I couldn't really leave as well. XDD
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