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  • Anyone who has knowledge of the self is valuable. Physical gems are nothing more than a rock. All knowledge is ultimately self--

    Sorry, I was being philosophical for a moment. lol

    I like how your picture (avatar) is contradicting itself. One part you have an innocent face, but when you look at the bigger picture, you see that same innocent face sticking out the middle finger. Touche.

    I don't recall trying to be funny. I guess it's in my character to be naturally hilarious, haha. It's good to know that I'm making you laugh. I tend to be that person that brings out the positive vibe in every possible situation.
    ive ddone that a few times haha. ive occasionally dabbled in it. not really a big fan thouh
    sorry i was paying for school and showering *u*

    have a good time napping i loveu lets ahve sex in a forum insanity thread some time XDDDD
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    wow i never noticed this until now and i am extremely flattered :3
    thats not a bad schedule ive never had class every day but i imagine living on campus with that kinda schedule would be tight
    literally nothin, nothin at all, nothin, just playin angry birds and feeling bad for all the birds i acidentally kill
    I Don't know I still think I'm pretty funny it was funny bcuz I would just say something completely random. One time I think I told a person their thread=Epic Fail. Lol. One time I was having an argument with somebody on the forums over Kingdom Hearts techinal stuff and I finally just said I Win B*$%& I think I got banned for that one too lol. But generally I'm a pretty funny dude I'm just smarter in the way in which I go about it but honestly humor has always been apart of me I guess.
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