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  • Is that Sakura in your sig?

    at least 3 feet is power point and walkthrough

    (waits for Christmas)
    Waiting for lunch.

    I have 3 feet (literally) of Accounting notes to read.

    And I'm meeting with my proffesor
    and a paper to write
    and that AMV to do

    but the VA's were announced!

    (looks at avvy) you're changing it, right? You have great avvys.
    Oh noes! Schoolwork! O_O
    Yeah here it doesn't get cold enough to snow. It's never really cold. We had a two week heatwave in April. hehe.
    Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it! We're going to Ireland for two weeks *squee*
    The first day of summer went pretty quickly for me. I pretty much had band rehearsals all day. We had them all morning too. Tonight its the big end of year/graduation ceremony and we're playing a lot of stuff. It's going to be fun!
    Homework has that annoying tendancy to eat time xD

    Snow's supposed to be cold though xD Yeah, the only snow I've seen is fake snow at the ice skating rink, which has been on/off operating for like the last eight years. I'm going overseas in January with the school orchestra and we're all hoping its going to snow xD And aww, you sure your parents couldnt turn the heat on for a little while? Slightly off topic, I think the ozone layer is slowly fixing itself because of our general green-ness.

    I got this message at 6am xD

    And now my really long message is over xD
    Woah xD So crazy hehe. First day of summer for me today! Although it wasn't warm at all. I was in a jumper for most of the time. You think I'm lucky? Well, you have snow! I wish we had snow!
    Hehe timezones are pretty random. I'm getting all my messages from you at like 3am xD
    Oh. I just remembered from a picture you posted a while back. But no, I never read your posts unless they're talking about or to me <3

    Why? Because it's grey?
    Define weird. Stephen King lives in my town, the whole state is covered in trees, and no one prounounces their R's.

    I'd like to say I've never met anyone from Minnesota, but that's rather difficult seeing as I used to live there.

    Way to ruin the conversation Ref
    Well damn, now I'm irritated. I live farther up North then you do, and it's snowing more down there.

    DAMN YOU WEATHER *gives weather a violent fist shaking*

    No but seriously, the grass is still green here >:
    Haha, right on

    So, has it snowed yet where you live? We've had one day of snow so far, and since I live in Maine, I'm rather disappointed :v
    I would be bored if I didn't have to think about the projects I have to get done ;_;

    You get your vacation work done?
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