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    Finally, a good trailer. They definitely saved the best for last. three-headed dragon Ganon hype
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Things I liked and disliked from the panel: Liked: World map Faster travel The Fallen backstory/lore COMBAT Disliked: Showcased open world seemed barren like FFXV (but a little better) Draw distance seems to struggle when displaying objects from afar (pixelated chocobos) Some lighting/shading...
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    Resident Evil 4

    Demo is out? I will try it. I’m not super in Resident Evil. I think the last game I played was Revelations.
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    Suppose if Warner Bros ever decided to make their own version of Kingdom Hearts...

    If Warner Bothers makes the game, I need to hear Sora say “I’m Batman!” at least once
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    The Next Smash Game: Will Everyone Return?

    If there is a new one in the future, then I hope it features the original 12 and all new characters. They would be crazy not to keep making them. I mean Ultimate has a little more sales than Breath of the Wild. It's a 250mil cash cow.
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    Star Wars Jedi Survivor

    I can't really judge the game all too much as I still need to play the first one (which I can thanks to PS Plus!). The game's environment is the most impressive. From the gameplay video I watched, seems like enemy AI could use some very small tweaks. Combat looks awesome too.
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    Forspoken - Anyone playing it?

    What Buffer said. According to most reviews, the game is just mediocre. Not many are spending good money on mediocre games these days. From Luminous' PR, seems like the studio is merging back with Square Enix, which is good and bad. Good because it will shift talent to other projects. Bad...
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    Suppose if Warner Bros ever decided to make their own version of Kingdom Hearts...

    Seeing how Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is getting a ton of backlash, I would hope Warner Brothers doesn't make this hypothetical Kingdom Hearts game as a Game as a Service (GaaS). Knowing Warner Brothers, my guess is they would cut out most of the cutesy Disney stuff, and make it...
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    I like/dislike Final Fantasy ____ , and here's why:

    I agree with Rodin to some extent. I used to like turn-based games. I think, to me, it honestly comes down to the progression of Final Fantasy games and somewhat to RPGs today. To me, turn-based is just not fun combat anymore. Now that major title entries in Final Fantasy have moved to ATB/ATC...
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    Will he say his name? (Fun discussion)

    If he does or not, just be sure to send me the $2,000. Thx!
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Initial game setup “Please set your screen’s brightness” Me: “MAX!”
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    Metroid Prime HD ftw. That’s amazing. BOTW2 trailer was lackluster. It does seem like they don’t want to reveal all too much.
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    Anime/Manga ► The Anime & Manga Dumping Ground

    I watched Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. I mean, it was just OK. I did like the new animation. It's just a filler movie that didn't push any of the story for obvious reasons.
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    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    I'm on the move to get one now. I'm kinda surprised at myself for not jumping on the stock when they were here for the holidays. I think there are enough games for myself to justify the purchase. Edit: you can buy direct from PlayStation. I just did an hour ago. Let’s goooooo
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    a question about wired controllers (Fun discussion)

    I guess yes and no. Wired ones are always good for the competitive gaming scene because players feared input lag. Wireless gives you more freedom to game anywhere, and doesn’t restrict you to the length of the cable. Nowadays, I’m fine with wireless as I just play casually now.