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    Film ► Marvel Cinematic Universe - RIP Chadwick Boseman

    Agreed. I already miss it. These 6 episode seasons suck. Like, wtf is this crap? Give us 10-12 episode seasons pls
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    Film ► Lightyear - June 17th 2022

    The Lightyear movie’s rendition of Starman is so good. I neeeeed that official release. The one by Geek Music is pretty good:
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    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    Afaik, it should be automatic. however, from what I recall, a few things got messed up with the migration from the old forum platform (vBulletin) to new the forum platform (XenoForo) (ex: I can't even "like" posts), so this might be an after effect? but 1,000 posts = bronze, 3,000 posts =...
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    I feel like what they showed was very early development, almost too early. I'll give SE the benefit of the doubt to make the worlds/models much better.
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    KH4 Development Timeline

    September 23, 2023 + 6 month delay = Spring 2024
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    Does Sora have pointy/elvish ears?

    Sora has human, attached ear lobes.
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    Square Enix Characters in KH4

    Square Enix wasted such a good opportunity in KH3 by not adding Lightning to Olympus. At this point, just give me Noctis. Seems fitting given the circumstances
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    Cloud and Sephiroth

    Cloud and Sephiroth might be good product placement if FF7R pt. 2 comes out around the same time Although, I wouldn’t mind someone new
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    Will KH4 be the last part of the series ?

    Finally, someone who remembers the Black Box…we need answers
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art Revealed

    Amazing piece I can’t help laugh a little because to me it looks like Aqua has chubby cheeks. Just a little bit
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Dude, yes! This would be a great idea. They already got city resources/materials from developing Quadratum. Just add Flow Motion functionality, Spider-Man and a half way decent plot involving some villain trying to be a menace to the city and Sora and Spider-Man team up. Boom. Done.
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    News ► KH 20th anniversary event Q&A masterpost

    Good to know a Verum Rex game isn’t completely off the table. In fact, I’d be perfectly fine with this being the “side game” as opposed to having sub-games between number-titled installments.
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    News ► KH 20th anniversary event Q&A masterpost

    This is hilarious. Just goes to show how vast graphic improvements can start to look closely to real life Thanks for all the hard work
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    Speculation: Star Wars in KH4 Trailer?!

    Sora exploring a different universe opens the door for Square Enix for so many possibilities. I’m like 99.9% sure there will be a Star Wars world.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    That’s a wrap folks, pack it up. Pretty predictable story telling if you ask me. I’m pretty surprised KH4 was announced. Man, the things Unreal Engine can do is impressive. What was shown graphically looks top notch. They definitely went with the same “fantasy based on reality” theme like...