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    Gummi ships

    i know only a few people here care, but im interested in seeing how many people are into the gummi ships in kh2.. i think its interesting how you can get S rank and you get extra cameo ships like the highwind from ff7 and the finrir from AC... haha its a bit too hard for me to actually get all...
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    Eyedentify [PS3]

    for those who dont already know: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/adventure/eyedentify/ ok so i KNOW im not the only one (/guy) here interested in this game, anyone have any thoughts of what this might actually be like? im thinking that with a camera (much much more superior to the ps2 camera) and...
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    Fatal Frame

    are there any fans of the series here? (haha + i need help in #2) xP
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    i was in myspace searching friends bullitens and i came across this interesting new fact about how the human mind can read a misspelled word as long as the first and last letter are correct.. and the letters inside belong there somewhere.. here is the bulliten itself: Can you raed tihs? Olny...
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    Fanfiction ► Like My KH poems Udate #2

    yeah thats true.. i think maybe the normal people have the choice but they just dont realize it.. maybe because of the negitivity or fear in their hearts
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    Fanfiction ► Like My KH poems Udate #2

    yeah i was thinking those who are not chosen can be forced into darkness by the heartless.. so i dont really know if they would have a strong enough heart to have the decision
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    Fanfiction ► Like My KH poems Udate #2

    aww what the heck lets make a discussion out of it... the last part draws out my curiosity.. do you think anybody can choose these paths or only... like "chosen" beings such as sora, riku, bhk ect...?
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    Fanfiction ► Like My KH poems Udate #2

    well thats pretty random seeing as they dont come from kh.. anyways there very nice but it belongs more to the fanfic section.. maybe it'll slide though
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    im not sure if this is the right place to be posting this (if not please move this to a more appropriate place mod's) but if its ok here i wanted to know what the rep points are for.. what can they do for us?
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    woo i passed my permit test yesterday and took 2 of my behind the wheel classes already ^^ im so happy now cause i've got my car already.. i just need to wait another 6 months untill i can drive w/o supervision........ just wanted to post haha i know its a pointless thread
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    Fanfiction ► Strange Feeling

    is it a yaoi fanfic.. nice writing ether way
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    custom keyblades

    i heard roumers about this reciently being confirmed.. and you can do this at a synthesis shop.. so how do you think this system will work? if its like the synthesis shop in kh1 then it wont be very.. coustomizable... but if its anything like gummy ships im gonna be mad (a keyblade looking all...