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  • Nice choice, I like his design myself, too, just that I prefer Fennekin. Hopefully, he doesn't end up FIRE/FIGHTING, or I might have to choose between Froakie and Chespin.
    Really? I thought they were good (or at least that's my sense of humor and/or they just didn't take their time to compliment you). I take it Froakie is going to be your starter?
    You're on a streak with me, actually, you "Digimon ass hands" comment on the Pokemon thread also made me laugh, *snort*

    So how's it going?
    Exactly. The Sticker system was a bomb, so hopefully they'll stop trying to innovate the series (which is horrible to say, but considering the run they had with mediocre games, it should be clear to them that innovation isn't the way to go). Let's just hope that they learned from their mistakes and give us a proper sequel.

    The gameplay in SPM wasn't that bad. I learned to like it after I stopped comparing it to TTYD. It was just the fact that it was too easy that annoyed me. Other than that, the game was great. I still don't get why people hate the game so much.
    (didn't want to derail the thread so I'm replying here)

    Apparently, it's because they want each game to be different. Which is fine, but (like everyone else) it just makes me miss the old style. Super Paper Mario was an awesome game, but it didn't live up to the originals. Sticker Star promised to bring the series back to its roots, but ultimately failed. For one thing, you couldn't gain EXP from battles which made fighting pointless. But the reason I didn't buy the game was the story, or lack thereof. I just hope the next Paper Mario game follows the formula that made Paper Mario popular in the first place.
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