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  • Chi Hau Haus aren't actually that bad, depends on how they're trained. But the bug eyes can be a little scary if you think about it. Hairless dogs are less of a hassle and not all of them are hideous, depends on the breed some can be really cute looking. But due to the lack of hair they have more maintenance requirements; but I don't really favor them all that much =P

    Oh my >_O
    I'm sorry Raz, so many bad experiences D:
    Btw your aunt should clean around the eyes regularly to decrease the muddy maroon color.
    It's basically dry tears but reacts with white hair for some reason, not sure why.
    Eh same with Tyson (neighbors dog) he does that, a LOT.
    And he's a big dog too so I can hear him barking even when I'm in the bathroom (which is a good distance away from the living room). And his territory ranges from his house to the end of my street corner so he, most of the time, perches himself on the porch since it's the high ground. Also he's got quite an appetite >_>

    Hehe well any dogs ok but like you said I'll try and avoid ones with violent tendencies.
    Trust me the last thing I want is a Rotty or a pitbull; a few can be unbelievably gentle however so not all of them are violent. But I understand, I had a bad experience with Wasps, yeah completely different from a dog but it was just as bad.

    Awwww... ^_^
    And thanks!

    Though they don't have to be pure breed or anything.
    For that matter as long as a dog has a good demeanor and is house broken in the very least I sure would give one a loving home <3

    Still Corgi legs are too cute X3 thank you Cowboy Bebop!

    Well it's in her/his instincts I guess XD
    Hopefully I'll get a corgi:


    Actually no unless you count the neighbors dog as a pet XD
    He's a good boy but up in age, about 11 , so when he passes on I'm going to try and get a dog.

    I say that since he has dominance issues, especially with other dogs >_>
    Yup, if you look through like the 5th or 6th page you'll find the part where she described it was a joke.
    A sick one at that XD

    Damn you Gavin! D:<
    It was a cruel joke indeed, though she knew about it from the beginning.
    If not she would have still be spouting how she deserves being mod after the whole ordeal.

    Actually if that were to happen I would have not been surprised if she would have left.
    Well it's over now but in the very least it was fun, and painful, while it lasted.
    Still I can't believe I got the last post in <_<
    I laughed and cried when I saw that XD
    Yeah kind of pathetic right?

    And yes, it's a sign of a disaster looming, one of them already happening.
    The heavens weep today T.T
    True, I would have closed around that many, it was too hard to bare some of these theories that were actually one sentence.
    Have you seen that Aqua=Xion, Roxas=Ven bs? GOD!

    I think Glaurung was supposed to be making his rounds in the KH section to begin with, where is he?
    If I could it would be the KH section, I hang out there for a majority of the time there anyway.
    And that's where a majority of my posts are XD that and modding in that section has been lacking (have you seen all of those threads lately?! my god...)

    I do hope things work out D': my head feels like it's going to explode, you saw the pic DX
    No problem, you're very capable of being a candidate for being one <3 I'm surprised no ones made requests.

    Unfortunately that was before my time, however I did hear of things, many things >_>
    I just don't see her living up to her duties, she can't balance modship and her overwhelming friendliness.

    It's one or the other where she's concerned otherwise we'll be stuck with nitwit mod or a power hungry corrupt one if she changes her act. I just don't see it...

    It really bothers me, I almost want to cry.
    The irony of this is the "some people have suggested I'd be mod" in Toasty's sig came true D:

    Well Silh does joke, this, might be a tad too far IMO
    I know, I mean yeah I don't really hate her but she's not very deserving of the role, seriously, SUPER MOD!?
    Thanks :blushing: though I slip up a lot, honestly if I had a choice you would be mod hehe. I mostly said that since I like power >:3 and honestly I'd like to help others but also take a leadership type role, I don't think she can do both.

    And he's an admin, I really had to control myself from not doing it XDDDD
    I mean yeah, hopefully this is a joke....right?

    Honestly I was actually tempted to nega rep Silh but that wouldn't turn out well.
    Seriously I almost vomited at the news D: and I have a stomach of steel!

    I'm actually quite envious of her, there are way more capable people here and that includes you.
    And I know it's selfish but even me! Yeah I am quite new too but I'm on here most of the time, I never really take leave, come on?! Ok that was a little conceded but you get what I am saying right?
    I'm actually kind of pissed off that she is...Honestly I am in a rage.
    I-I don't know where to begin.

    But at least you got a good laugh out of the pic ~shrugs~
    Well to be honest, it creeps me out in the first season. But I started liking him after the second season. XD
    But yeah, he is and a really cool viilian! Are you excited about the upcoming episode? I so am!
    Hey there! :)
    Just thought I say hi and what's up?
    You seem pretty cool btw. OMG love your Sylar avvy and sig. Haku's awesome sig maker isn't he? :)
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