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  • miss you matty <3 add me markcoffey2010@live.com ;3; i added you but i dunno if it went through or what. i mean if you want.
    Awesome sounds good. Will look great alongside the new layout. Enjoy your first week of college.
    Hey, I know you're not on as much so while I'm here a lot if you could just give me an idea of the page layouts for everything in Re:coded I could go about doing it myself? Please respond ASAP. I think Jeels and Edmunds have noticed our screwed-up content. :(
    Well, I'm on tumblr most of the time so if you give me your tumblr url I could follow you and message you. :3
    Damn, I'm really sorry to hear that. All my condolences to you and your friend. I'm six hours ahead of you, so if you can give me a time which matches up an early afternoon - early evening ratio, we can meet.
    What time zone do you live in? Perhaps we could arrange a time since I live in BST/GMT+1.
    Hey, Raz. If you could get on MSN as soon as possible so we could talk, that'd be great.
    Admirals XiMog and RiMog were wondering if (insert your name here) Raz would be interested in enlisting in the Moogle Army :3
    Just gonna put this here. For safe keeping ya know.

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