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    Help Identify a soundtrack [Is this from KH?]

    watch?v=mwDEt1gkuAw From youtube Death Battle series: Sora's brief introduction video), the soundtrack I'm trying to identify plays mostly throughout the video but for a specific snippet (because theres a number of different tracks) from 0:03-0:25 then continues again from 0:40-1:30 (certain...
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    Theory: Mystery Box Contains Xehanorts Guardian (Please read for explanation)

    I think it contains Xehanort's Guardian. Please read for explanation, though most of the points are speculation I've tried to base them on facts and events that have occurred. Please let me know what you think. Reason being: On the box there are 20 locks representing the number pieces necessary...
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    Looking for Luxord card style sleeves

    Hi looking for kingdom hearts card sleeves with the design just like Luxord, can anyone help me? P.S. Im a fan of Yugioh, the card game and anime and I love Kingdom Hearts, the card sleeves represent the nobody because of the symbol on them and my yugioh cards represent the heart from using...
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    Sora's new Keyblade Story or Gameplay feature?

    Hi, So all content I've seen of Sora for KH3 has him wielding that new keyblade (don't know what its called), the KH3 Sora figure I've seen for sale also has him with that keyblade so I'm wondering is Sora obtaining a new keyblade part of the story or is it strictly gameplay. This question...
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    Lore Regarding Dual Wielding Keyblades

    For fanfic reasons how does one come to wield dual keyblades? Can some keyblades manifest in pairs, I've read somewhere that Roxas was able to dual wield because one of them wielded sora's keyblade and the other wielded ventus's and when xion fell roxas gained the other keyblade, then when he...
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    Why is Lea/Axel part of the good guys?

    Hi, going over the content of kh again because its so fun and I wondered, why did Lea come to help mickey and riku at the end of dream drop distance? I imagined his long time goal was to become whole again which he became, so his story could have ended there and he could have carried on with...
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    KH3 Starting Block?

    Hi, after thinking about KH3 for so long and going over all the content after the KH2 game I've been thinking, there is so much content and stuff to go over where will Kingdom Hearts 3 start? i.e. when you start the game what would be the first story objective? We know Xehanort's plan to create...
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    Kingdom Hearts General Discussion sub forum?

    Hi, I was wondering do you think it would be a good idea to have a general Kingdom Hearts Discussion forum as well as or instead of individual forums for the different title releases? Reason I thought of this was because just posted something I thought was cool because I never thought about it...
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    Is Xion an impression of Aqua like Roxas is an impression of Ventus?

    I just thought, does xion look a little bit like aqua, but shes a little younger, sora's and roxa's age and with black hair instead of blue. So when Aqua met with Sora on destiny islands did she leave an impression on Sora which influenced Xion's creation?
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    how did members of organisation xiii return human?

    Hi, this has been a question that has been plaguing me since ddd. how was axel and the other members of organisatio xiii return to being human? I thought maybe it is an open mystery and will be answered later since when axel woke up he himself was confused about hoe this might of happened...
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    3000 or 600 jewel deal?

    Hi, I've seen this question asked a bunch of times for new commers and I always suggest getting the 600 jewel deal because you get more medals per jewel. However I've reached a point where I'm satisfied with how powerful my character is, I've got a good array of powerful medals, not too powerful...
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    guilting medal question

    Hi, I currently have KHII BC Riku 40% guilted and I have 3 other KHII BC Rikus, so to make things more efficient could I fuse the 3 other KHII BC Riku medals into one then fuse that medal into the 40% guilted version I have and will it perform the new guilt calculation 3 times or will it perform...
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    sora & donald & goofy and Black coat Mickey?

    hi I was wondering, since black coat mickey's special attack deal non elemental damage does that mean he does not deal bonus damage from the defense debuf sora & donald & goofy offers? does that also apply with other medals such as pete who buffs only power based damage and bc mickey deals non...
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    Final Look and Appearances

    Hi, I've been concerned about how the character models look in the footage of kh3 so far and I'm wondering if thats their final appearance? At first I thought it was a work in progress, the models looked alright but I don't know if its the lighting or the textures but it looked off to me. Here...
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    Medal damage calculations

    Hi, there are a few medals I have and I don't fully understand how to calculate their max damage. The medals I'm confused about are KH2 Cloud, Zack, Aladdin and Master Form Sora. With these medals they have in common that their damage varies. With KH2 cloud how many turns must pass for it to...