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Recent content by raxsas

  1. R

    need new sig

    hey i think this is the right place if not srry i need a new sig plz help as you can see mine sucks!!!!!:cursing:
  2. R


    witch khfm can u be riku?????
  3. R

    KH2 FM+

    i havent played it yet but i bet its a 10/10
  4. R

    ok i dont know

    what is the difrents between kh fm 2 and kh fm1
  5. R

    KH2 FM+

    im trying to get my mom to buy me one for Christmas
  6. R

    358/2 Days Multiplayer Idea

    hmmmmmmmm well that sounds cooooooool but even when it comes out my dad said i cant have a ds so tell me if its cool
  7. R

    Final Mix+

    what do you need to play it?? besides a swap magic
  8. R

    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion i dont now but i cant what for 358/2 days four player yah
  9. R

    were is a...........

    or one of roxas in org. coat
  10. R

    were is a...........

    if this is in the wrong place mod please movie it. were is a pic of d.s or ven
  11. R

    358/2 days"

    if this is in the wrong place mod please move it. well this my favoret of the new kh games from the description i want to now more about it like hoo can you be in four player and can you change wepans and when it is coming out and if it is coming out in the us.
  12. R

    where are vids

    sorry my spelling is so bad:blush: oh i'll look at the main:thumbsup: page
  13. R

    where are vids

    it said i the bbs attachment on the mane page that there was a movie that showed terra carring ven throu hollow basttoin where can i find this vid?
  14. R

    don't now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well i have to get a psp now
  15. R

    don't now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if this is the wrong place mod please move it. but in bbs do you get to be ven? and what systems is it on cuz i have a ps2 a xbox and a game cube is on any of these