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    need help with platinum

    i've been playing pokemon platinum for a few months now and i need help. first off, i need to'know which legendaries are breedable.I'm also looking for the following pokemon: charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, totodile, chicorita, cyndoquil, treeco, mudkip, torchic, mew, latias or latios, kyogre...
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    Your Favorite ► What's your favorite ringtone?

    For me, i would have to pick the Afro Samurai theme.
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    will you buy re : chain of memories?

    the game already came out in japan. Also in the US (just on the GBA). is it worth buying?
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    the god of war thread

    Kratos is awesome! we all know that! to exspress his awesomeness, i made a thread. if you dissagree, i can get him to pay you a little visit.enjoy!
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    can you use differen't keyblades in bbs and days?

    in the other kingdom hearts titles there was the ability to use different keyblades . do you think they should do this again? should old keyblades return? witch ones? share what you think.
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    sora,s choises

    sora is an overall good persom. but if he turned out like riku. sora would make a good villan. or would he? would he have a different keyblade? would riku be the protagonist? we will never know . or will we? what do you think?
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    what's better 358/2 days or bbs?

    what will be the better game ? will it be 358/2 days or birth by sleep? what do you think?
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    the free opinion thread

    got somthing to say? can't say it anywere else ? bored? this is the answer to your problem.:thumbsup:
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    whose the best kingdom hearts charecter?

    sora? roxas? terra? ven ? kairi? you take your pick.
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    keyblade masters

    terra,aqua,and ven are keyblade knights who are chasing master xehonnort (badd spelling ) . they each have different fighting styles but the biggest brow raiser is how are they connected to sora, riku, and kairi!