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  • Yeah unfortunately that's the worst. When rappers are so legit underground then when they go mainstream it's like what happened?
    Yeah, I don't know man. Especially with Weezy locked up, he kind of has Young Money on his back for now but this R&B love shit isn't going to cut it.
    "I can come from the school of hard knocks where we scrap and kill, pick the knife or the gun or you could get the package deal!"
    Yeah I heard "Over" like nothing but I'm still going to download it. There was another song he did recently with Birdman that I liked but I forgot how it went so I can't find it. Oh and yeah I was thinking to myself all the radio has now-a-days is just the Dream and endless R&B. I'm like where's the rap?
    D: i just havent had the time to play it as much as i'd like. Even though im on the forums, i just dont have the time to play it, do graphics, rp, and keep my grades up in school ;_;.

    Trust me, if I did have the time, i'd be playing it more often.
    It's a damn shame this dude is unsigned, and I've only heard one song. That was just continuous flow....he sounds like someone Jay would pick up. Think he's heard of him?
    Shit was impressive. Now "I'll be brief and let me just keep shit simple. Can-a-bitch don't want no beef with Slim, NO!" Canibus is probably firing now since he thinks Em done fell off. He obviously has no idea what he'll do when the incentive is large enough. So I'll be looking up some more Canibus songs, but I still don't think he can hold a candle to Slim. =/
    Shit was a work of art. It's stuff like this that discourages me tho. If he's that nice, but don't get no radio play, what's gonna happen with me?
    That's a good question.

    Honestly I don't know quite yet, I have to have a word with Raeneth about it.
    I have no idea, I was informed a couple months ago, but it happened even earlier then that.
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