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  • lol i see what you mean there. So that one is a like a heavy metal tune is it. cool :D

    Thats true actually, its very cold these days, better not =/ you recover from your cold yet?
    too old? lol what? course not! i see 20 year olds round here trick or treating! now thats wt u call too old tho. you shud do it if u want to of course ;)

    Ah I see, but I thought you liked Metal tho?
    Happy Halloween lol ;_) You gonna go trick or treating or anythin tonight?
    Ooh have ya. nice one ;D

    fingers crossed eh
    Your lucky you had half term lol, I didnt D: Dont worry christmas is juust round the corner ;-)
    It was called I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love ;-)
    That doesnt sound like bad news, sounds like your firewall is protecting you from any new threats and stuff. its fine.
    D: I hope nothing happens, will miss you. but yeah dont worry i will let them know, ill put a msg in your FC.
    Ah cool alright, half term holiday eh, lol, have a good time Rox ;-)
    isnt it some kind of anti virus? i dont have fire wall so i dont know what rule ur talking about.
    lol just like mine. Still not working? damn, hey you should get Deviant Art. Thats a good alternative right?
    Damn, dont worry if it said its been blocked then your safe. I feel bad now cz i told ya to use imageshack D: sorry :( it seems to be alright for me. Only thing that pops up is this bar sayin add imageshack to ur trusted sites. I just clik no and carry on with it. I guess its best if u dont use that anymore. sorry again.
    Lol I see what you mean :D damn you sure do wake up early. Or is it that you slept late like me lol.
    Yeah I bet the class will know the track, they might like it ;-)

    Hm no I dont think I have heard that, is it new? I'll check it out ;-)
    lol i see :D
    haha :D you'll like it i bet. great music that. wait and bleed is the other one of theirs I have and thats about it lol.

    Go for it, it doesnt matter if the teach dont like it, im sure they will tho, its a brilliant track that hit number 1 lol. As long as you have fun doin it, thats all that matters ;-) good luck!
    Lol i see :D so you had a great time then eh. Nice ;-)
    Part 2 is like an acoustic version of part 1, 1 was brilliant but the acoustic one is more melodic and creepy. Like it.

    Ah cool, yeah go with MCR, you love them lol. And I like Black Parade more than Last Words, choose that one. Hey dont pay attention to pricks who say any shit like that to you ok >.< those idiots. They lucky I aint around over there >.<
    Yeah... I usually just hang around with my friends. I don't hide but I don't go in front of everyon either. (you can't hide at one of my school dances lol. There's never enough people XD)
    yeah, same with me. I never liked to dance in front of other people anyway >__>
    so even when I do go I just stand or sit around and talk or do nothing.
    Slipknot have some heavy metal screamo tracks. But not all yeah. I like Vermillion, part 2 more than 1 lol. Havent heard the other 2. I'll chek em out.

    Ah its tonight? Great, thats ok about the costume. not that big a deal is it lol, as long as you go and enjoy yourself ;-) Have a good time.
    A witch isnt bad, course a vampire woulda been brilliant. Cant you choose to go as that instead?
    Aw, that sucks you lost but dont worry i always lose too lol. Never won a game :( congrats on the strike! :D
    Yep I have heard of tthem, they have some very heavy metal music. Got some pretty awesome tracks.
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