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  • Whoa olympic size? Damn that musta been very big o.o

    Ah cool you drew Newton :D I'll go check it out ;-)
    Hm Im not too sure on that but in the pics of the guy I have seen it does seem like he's wearing one of those wigs that Judges have doesnt he. Unless that is his real hair o.o lol
    Oh riight I see. Lol ah thats not bad, I was really crap to start of with, but I enjoyed it and used to go with a couple of friends on the weekends. Got better in time. You must be pretty good if you were in the deep end in nursery :O wow.
    Its been a loong time since I went swimming, very long lol. But yeah I did know how to do those. If I can still do it im not sure ^^; I enjoyed swimming.
    Why'd you ask?
    Really? lol Nice one ;-) Seems you got the talent for it eh. English I was good at too. Loved making up short stories, had a wild imagination bak then lol. Was a big gamer during those times, all those FF games.
    It is weird yeah. A dead girl floating around everywhere o.o lol good track tho, I have it ;-D
    Oh yeah u hate RS more dont ya. lol. It wasnt so bad for me. One of my strong subjects.
    Ah thats still not bad. Maths is crap >< Hate it, so I think you did pretty good actually ;-)

    It is quite creepy isnt it lol. You might like part 2 more. Its creepier lol :p
    Aw man, that sucks *hugs* Dont let it stress you out Rox. Take your time on them as in do them in your own stride. You'll be fine ;-) Try and make a h.w plan or something and follow that. It does help.
    Oh its up there is it. lol my bad ^^; I dont know a lot of the areas and stuff around England, even tho ive been here my whole life lol. Good luck with that.
    Lol that sucks D: my old printer messed up bad once when two sheets of paper somehow got jammed in there ><
    Good luck with that one too. I dont think Ive heard of Malham, sounds like a country in Asia or something?
    On a board ship? does sound boar-ing :p lol. good luck tho, its gna be great work as usual by Rox ;-)
    I still havent finished my first assignment =/ got 4 more to go after! D:
    lol :D i see, we got nicknames for pretty much everyone between us mates lol.

    tel me about it, i only been on the motorway three times i think since i passed, and got lost all three times! D: gta make sure to take a tom tom next time and not the cow.
    Yeah we did, my idiot mate, we call him Cow Cow (opposed to the Tom Tom)
    We were following his car on our way bak home from the movies. He;s always telling you which way to go and wt to do when your driving like he;s the instructor. 'Take a left, indicate, go right' even when your goin to your own house from around the block!
    We dubbed him cow cow cz of that lol. And he;s the one that got us lost!
    Just followed the road signs back home afterwards lol.
    Did ya, almost on the way to wales there lol. Makes for an interesting journey getting lost lol. Almost ended up in London taking the wrong junction myself last time. Petrol was almost running out too.
    Oh yeah, good idea really. Its gettin colder these days. Might see some snow soon eh ;-)

    There were? damn, maybe he wasnt =/ where'd this happen?
    alright cool, ill check em out ;-) you have a good halloween last night?

    damn, well hopefully he was, sounds bad.
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