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  • I haven't enjoyed it that much since season 5 personally. Dx
    That'd be nice. I'd be free to get rid of the PS3 is they done that. You have a ps4?
    I see. Tell me how supernatural goes then. Been losing interest so not sure whether I want to keep going.
    Ah...sorry then. =[
    Which show you gonna focus on first? =3
    I know that's why I said play. I figured you might know someone with a ps3. =3
    That's...a lot of shows! I know most of them equal to about what? 30? 40 episodes to power through. Plus there's Korra's 12. xD
    That's good, unpaid internship is madness!

    Given how busy you've been I take it you haven't had a chance to play 2.5 have you? =3
    I'm...meh to be honest. Your behind full seasons!? Dear lord, you'll never make it by xmas! D:
    Not an unpaid intern right? o_0
    Ah well at least your off Xmas day and the few after. I'm off the eve and day but have a morning shift immediately after. xD
    How are you right now btw? =3 Ever get to catching up on your shows? Still got that technician job?
    Aw that sucks! You at least get off for Xmas this week right?
    Until you can get to see Korra then make sure to avoid spoiler places. =3
    I've kinda grown tired of Supernatural myself. It just feels like it's lasted to long. Dx
    Yep. Some games work with DS4 on ps3. I'm not sure really but they're annoying. =/ I had to redo Xemnas and Vanitas battles cause the finishing blows would miss or triangle wouldn't input.
    So you watch crime shows then. ouo
    I haven't seen a new supernatural in a while. Last I seen Dean was a demon.
    It's going well! I only have Aqua left. I've come across a glitch or two though and for some reason the dual shock 4 works on BBS but not KH2.
    Woo!!! \o3o/
    Any ones I know besides Korra? =3
    Not sure yet. I think sometime next year.
    Your done?! =D did you escape victorious? >:
    How many shows you got?
    Tbh after season 2 and some of 4 and worst of all how Nick handled it's airing I don't want them too. Though I do remember one of those interviews in the thread said the creators was burnt out.

    Oh yeah!! New digimon!! =] It's a sequel season to the original digidestined.
    You study that long on only one subject!? D= You poor soul....how do you take it? You deserve a medal.
    Oh ho it wasn't. I don't understand how anyone would want to stay high like that all the time.
    That sounds crazy! D= It's like they're trying to suck you of your life with all that material.
    I didn't hallucinate but at the same time the rest the day after surgery happened is a blur. ಠ__ಠ
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