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  • You should search it then! Your surname might have surprising origin. =D
    lol I wish only one shared a name with me. My dads side makes up most of my community and then there is a not related set close by, all with the same surname. o_o
    It's no fun if you guess and don't make sure to see if your right! =O
    It's usually names that are old or wide spread. My surname for instance is so vastly used that it has it's own wiki page. The wiki page also backed up the statements of it's meaning I found on other sites. Same with middle name.
    My first name didn't have a wiki page but the sites I searched it on had links to a wiki showing the names origin.
    lol What I do is just go by the most used explanation. The way I see it, if multiple sources are giving the same meaning then it is likely the correct one. The internet is big so things are rarely the same across multiple places unless it's likely true.
    Some names have wiki pages surprisingly.
    I played singe player and even I wasn't aware of a storyline. lol
    It is an interesting video though. =] I also saw another one about Zelda wiiU proposing it is an alternate timeline. I posted it in the zelda thread.

    where I am names tend to be inherited or common. lol
    So yours is rather rare to me. =D
    Not even curious? =3 You can learn interesting stuff. Like my middle name, in origin, means "dwells in the woods/forest".
    It don't matter to me which. Asked cause you'd have more fun with a dorky nickname. xD
    My name tho is Derek

    What is your fave smash bros story? We all got one or three. xD
    Well you could use my real name if you wish. Or if you want I can give you one of two silly nicknames that my family uses. xD

    It's hilarious. Make sure to get someone that doesn't know Pitt can do that. xD
    In high school we had a big group playing once and one of them was using Dedede. He was having trouble keeping up the whole fight then just vanishes. When it gets down to three people he just jumps out of nowhere and uses the hammer to sent both flying off screen. x'D
    lol Even after Gram retired Samhain still gets his threads derailed.

    Does your throat hurt? xD
    That would piss me off to lose by one. o+o
    I see that's the version I have. =D Link is one I use a lot but I have found Little Mac and oddly Pacman can abe good too.
    I see. There has been something like that going around here as well but not leading to laryngitis. o_0
    Woo at least your free for a few days! 8D
    Have you tried the media sections?
    You got SSB!? D=
    D= Is it something bad or just sinus stuff? Around here many get symptoms like that from the weather. x[
    Hope you stay okay. Work at where you work is a bitch even when healthy.
    Do you ever go outside the kh sections now that Korra ended? =3
    Thanks! \:biggrin:/

    So how are you today? I see your posting more than usual. =]
    It is fun! Surprisingly fun actually. The story is actually half decent too. o_0
    So far it's Link or Impa. I've only been dabbling in the others and some dlc stuff. The new character lana can be fun with her secondary spear weapon.
    I got hyrule warriors for Xmas and....it's surprisingly funner than one would expect. o_o
    \o3o/ I return!
    Say whaaaaa?! Well can't blame you, to be honest 3 is the only one I like. xD
    No I have a ps4 as well thanks to....methods. >3> I only have infamous for it though right now. I'm really excited for the DMC4 special edition they announced for it the other day. =D
    I can understand that. Ps4 seems to be getting some good games coming for it soon. They're even making a new DMC game from the old continuity for it. TuT
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