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  • I see. Wasn't to bad a hell was it? Glad you found some threads you liked. =D
    I've found an interesting manga I like.
    I know! ;n; They have links for the podcast and everything in the RWBY thread. It was so sad.
    Tokyo Ghoul is about beings known as ghouls. They look human but have a unique but disturbing biology. They are creatures that are only able to eat human flesh to live. Their bodies won't accept anything and can actually kill them if they try.
    It's not some undead/supernatural junk either. These beings are very much alive, very much kill able and surprisingly given a great deal of humanity to their characters.

    The story focus' on Ken Kaneki who is attacked by a ghoul one knight but survives thanks to random beams falling on his attacker. He was fatally wounded though and the doctor that saved him used the organs of the ghoul to replace his. This, naturally, affects him horribly because it makes him half-ghoul. What the ghoul characters call a "one eye".

    It is surprisingly very good. Check the thread out, I left a better impression of what I thought there. I read seventeen chapters and got hooked instantly.
    I never broke mine either but my cousins did a lot. Usually games like mario party that had sections were you had to turn the stick in circular motions or similar broke them.
    I used a combo or the slider/thumb pad and the motion to get the camera where I want. But that was only for minigames. When it comes to fighting I just use lock-on. lol
    I had a love/hate with the N64 joystick. It worked good but also liked to break. TnT
    You can disable that!? I was able to learn to use it for the bow and slingshot but that was as far as I could work it. xD
    I find that it just adds aggravation. I grew up on buttons. Not all this motion stuff kids play today. I can't do any game well without a controller. x[
    That would be an issue then. I never could work motion controls well. That's to bad, the GameCube was the last decent system they made.
    Do you have the gamecube or wii version of the game? If it is the wii version with that stupid motion control then I could understand the problem. >_<
    Does doesn't it! =D There is a lot of ACLink fanart like that and they are all good!
    You haven't even finished TP? o_0 Well can't blame you. TP gets tedious for some reason.
    I just spam the sword. lol I have unlocked a lot of combos but I usually just spam it. If I'm using Link+Master Sword I use a two button combo cause it sends sword beams out into the swarm and takes out about thirty or so. xD
    Will you be able to get it eventually? =[
    There aren't many good ones is there? xD The best ones I have seen are basically that Link is dead. It made the dark Majora's mask even darker somehow.
    I remember one about a tetraforce as well. lol
    I wasn't expec it so soon either! =D
    The dlc for hyrule warriors has me excited too cause of young Link.
    Have you ever seen the theory on link is dead?
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