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  • It is. It's a show around unsolved as well as solved histories of historical items or places like in museums or other such things. My description makes it sound a little dull but trust me it's very interesting.
    It's not no paranormal mystery junk either it's actual cases of things or items.

    Oh man I had forgotten about Zoids! Seems like there was two or three of Zoids but I remember loving one of it's shows.
    Yes Toonami is back and it doesn't stink, it's actually even managed to get a new show or two since it's return nearly over 2yrs ago. Currently it's newest show is the dub of Attack on Titan which has turned out more interesting than I'd have though it would.
    Since tv has much less I enjoy to watch I have a little leway on the styles but only to an extent, I can't stand things like computer 3D animated shows for the most part.
    Then have you watched the sequel to Avatar, Legend of Korra, by any chance? Please tell me you have seen it and the epicness that was Wan?
    haha In reverse the only Gundam I watched and followed to the end was Wing and 00. xD

    Alright see you tomorrow, have fun at work~ xD
    It never felt like a sitcom to me is why I watched it though looking back it's the only sitcom I can remember watching. Ever watch that Monumental Mysteries on the AHC (or maybe Travel can't remember) channel?

    I see, so you havent watched them since them older days then. Kenshin was good though I havent seen it in ages. Toonami was brought back thankfully, gives me a reason to actually watch a tv on saturdays again.
    Remember Gundam Wing from back then?
    Guess I'm just odd then, I watch whatever grabs my interest even back then lol. Likewise, at most I have maybe 6 shows I watch on a tv and most of them aren't even from the US. I do like science and history channels though.
    That's true, someone is always wanting something they think they need.

    What other shows have you watched other than DBZ btw?
    I didn't like GT much either, I don't think many did. Goku becoming a kid again alone was enough to throw it off.
    How old are you? I'm 23 and I watched it. Can understand that, I rarely find anything to watch these days. TV is ruined with reality tv crap.
    Damn that's still pretty long, hopefully it goes by quick for you. If your place is like my town then the 1st month bums should be out of money to burn.

    Just seen a trailer for Infamous Second Son Dlc, yes~
    I meant Goku as a kid however I have the whole series from then up to Z and even the anime only GT. ;D Though I prefer dragonball and Z more, GT had plotholes and wasn't even in the original material (the manga) so it just doesn't feel the same.
    N-never watched Boy Meets World!?!?!??! *falls out of chair* Then you missed out on one of the great givers of life lessons ever! ;A;
    Aw Sorry to hear that, is it a 8 or 12hr day? I know tech's get both. o_o
    ha Your not the only one, I just can't bring myself to go through days again, even the 1.5 movie of it. Good! \^o^/
    I'm doing alright, I was off today but nothing worth noting on the E3 front. Thinking of watching through the original dragonball again also found Boy Meets World reruns on tv today, the nostalgia~ TuT
    That's good, the most annoying thing about any work is it going by slow. xD
    Ain't that the truth. I still can't figure out how it was a game supposed to be about Roxas yet we got one about Xion....just how....
    Also how are you? Work okay?
    Wasn't the most fond of days but now I wished it had something like this in it: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days! Vol.4 Ch.29 Page 18 mf - Mangago
    lol It would seem you posted them on your own page. =]
    I'm lucky to get 10 hours a week is why, I took those hours in a town 40min away over the weekend because of that reason. TnT

    I wouldn't rule out anything new but I wouldn't get my hopes up either. But personally I see them just sticking with the current one.

    Not really sure myself. I looked at the FF threads but I don't see anything given any explanations why other than "it's not the right time".
    Zelda was mine too! First Zelda ever was my cousins Link to the Past~ I ended up buying their Ocarina of Time as well. =D
    I'm hoping for Zelda wiiU also. The warrior game looks like a fun time killer but I'd rather have something actually zelda. xD
    Wait, yeah, I saw that gameplay footage. I meant something new, or a playable demo of 2.5. But it's probably going to be those ten minutes again, right?
    They've already shown some other than in the trailer? Huh, guess I missed that. T.T awww, I was hoping for something. I wonder why they're skipping this year? I can see skipping 3 in favor of 2.5, but xv doesn't have anything to preempt it (theatrhythm doesn't count).
    Yes, Zelda was my first game franchise, followed by kh and ff. Something on the Zelda wii-u would be good!
    There's already a thread on 2.5 gameplay. =3
    Sadly news for 15 has been shot down. TnT I just checked the XV thread.

    You play Zelda? You just immediately became awesome(er)~
    I'm not expecting or looking forward to anything really, I was only interested in 2.5 and Zelda. I see Nintendo either showing a bit of that "Zelda wiiU" or the Zelda Warriors game.
    I'm free all week which is both good for E3 but sucky for money. Sadly after G4 went down I have no way to view things live, my internet isn't that good. TnT
    Is there anything your excited to see? =]
    Ugh it was so looooooong Rael! So long. ;A; (though not bad)
    How about you? How are you today? xD
    Sorry to bail right after you got here but I have to go to work, picked up extra hours in a town about 40mins from here so I need to go. TnT
    haha Fashion is a dumb concept anyway.

    lol I doubt the essays but I'd imagine they had other kinds of schooling. Magic, swordsmanship, etc.

    It better make it to english! There's no reason it shouldn't SE. ;A;
    Think so? ;u;
    Your not the only one. xD Tbh I'm lost in the store I'm at. I think gamestop would drive me crazy cause of that stupid monitor that repeats the same video all day. xD

    It's strange for me to see Eraqus as one, Xehanort don't bother, I think it's cause they had young pre-apprentice Xehanort in DDD.
    That's true they seem like the kind to discuss intellectual topics like that. xD (ain't like they had much else to do)

    I hope that ultimania makes it to english! Even if it renders my encyclopedia thread moot.
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