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  • Reno, Nevada, USA. And I didn't really expect the crocodile hunter to be on a KH forum. =D

    But how is it like in Australia? I really have always wanted to go there.
    Haha, it's been really good.
    And I know how hard it is getting a girl, I got really lucky about 2 months ago.
    Just keep trying, and don't be afraid to show you're emotions.

    Well, that probably was really weird to you, but whatever. I meant what I said. And we're on a KH forum, home of discussion about the corniest game on Earth!

    But wait, school? Winter? Are you in Australia?
    Hey no problem Radon.
    Sorry that I replied so late, I was, uh, fluffing my garfield... =D
    But seriously I've seen you around the forums and you seem like a real cool guy! How are ya?
    Ohh lol sorry, when i said i lived in Cali and you said youve been there...well ya get the jist of it
    Sorry havent sleeped that good in a while :lol:
    You have been to cali and you never visited me? some friend (jk)
    Ha wow you live near a beach, nice
    I know tons of people (roxas001, aqualight, brotherdc)
    Wow another friend that is an aussie lol
    Im in Cali myselfand that sucks about the winter, id like it better than here
    Im so so on it, i really love the house that were moving into but i just dont wanna leave this one
    Eh getting things ready to move, personal afairs, bein on my lazy ass doing nothing :lol: and enjoying summer as best as i can
    Left modding. Tried to get away from the site, too, but we all know that's impossible.
    Could be months, could be weeks, could be tomorrow, could be in an hour.

    I guess that'll be a part of the surprise.
    Hell if I know. When I get bored enough to actually type it out i suppose.
    dude why'd you de rep me?
    there was even some info about it in a interview,
    maybe you should get some info first before
    you just use your power for no reason <_<
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