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  • And~ thanks for the friend add. It's a shame the topic got closed down, but it's understandable if the TC won't read our replies any time soon.
    Thank you for the comment! I never knew that rep was limited.. I've really not been paying attention to these forums lately. It's good we can support the girl, she needs it.
    Hey radon! All I know is this: we were having a lot of trouble with wordpress ; you probably noticed how often the site was down. So bittermeat did some research and discovered that the way most people solved the problem was to switch from wordpress to 'movable type'. I'm assuming she did that, and I can't get on either :x I don't really understand why it happened or how to fix it, and I sure as hell don't understand that wizard thing it prompts you to do... Be assured that bittermeat will fix it when she can! She's very busy IRL at the moment... if I get any more information about the situation, I'll make sure to tell you ;D
    Took care of it, but next time don't add on to the mess. Just makes things worse before I get there.
    Whoops! I forgot you needed to log in! Thank you so much for pointing it out >___>;;
    I made an account for this (probably illegally), the password and username are both heartstation.
    Let me know if it works... and thanks for the rep!
    I just think its awesome and would love to go there ^^
    plus, theres someone over there that i want to see lulz.
    Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

    Anyway, you snowboard or ski on the snowy mountains?
    Well, Reno is basically the little brother of Las Vegas. I've been to Las Vegas, but haven't experience the full thrill of it since I only went when I was little.
    But it really is all that it's hyped up to be.

    But that's really cool where you live, got a little bit of everything don't you, except snow, haha.

    Hey can I ask you a favor?
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