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  • I did the second wave at that level, so its doable. Just take out the berserkers with the hammer first and spam fantasia
    Not really much I can say to help about that o_O Wait until you get to the third one. Its basically the nobody equivalent of the 1000 heartless battle. It takes forever and its brutality is nothing like youve ever experienced
    Yeah, just dont do Proud. Critical is so fun, you dont DESERVE final mix if you play Proud.

    lol just kidding, but Critical honestly is more enjoyable, even if you havent fought the new bosses yet
    I beat Critical mode normally my first run. I did a level 1 run next with the 0 Exp ability. I actually beat my level 1 run
    Awesome, IVe been waiting to hear if youve got it yet. It may seem slow at first, but once you get to fight Zexion (Hes seen really early in the game) itll start to seem like a completely new game
    No, I havent really used it outside of playing Final Mixes but it also plays backup games. DONT PIRATE THOUGH. ITS ILLEGAL.
    Read tons of summaries on how to do the swap magic and watch vids. I was worried too but had a huge waiting period between when I got Swap Magic and when I got my FM copies. Practice with it off before you actually practice with FM.
    Yes we had exams last week and we get monday off as compensation. Thanks for the comment about the Xemnas translation, it was really nice of you.

    Have you got the Final Mixes yet?
    Yeah I understand that. I have beaten KHIIFM a few times and now I'm bored waiting for BBS. I cant wait so I spoiled it. You wont be disappointed.
    You'll learn to like O better haha. You know the Data Xemnas battle? That desperation move of his (the one where he shoots the 10000 etereal blades at you) requires you to repeatedly press O and /\ to not die. His data form lasts A LOT longer now and it is so much easier to press O and /\ than repositioning your hands to press X. O is a lot better and wont take long to get used to. I cant get "un used" to it. They are great good job on importing them.
    Hmmm Thats alot of money. I got mine for about 60$ Swap Magic and everything. Maybe the flip top costs more. Yes You will love it beyond measure. I hated KHII and didnt realize it until I got FM in September.
    Yes. It starts you with these abilities.
    Finishing Plus
    Lucky Lucky
    Lucky Lucky
    Zero Exp

    Theres alot more too. Whats really cool is that it starts you with 50 AP or 52 if you do the jobs at twilight town.
    Play Asia is really reliable. I got it but it took an extended time for mine to come. I HIGHLY recommend that you play it on Critical mode without starting on Proud. Critical.Critical.Critical.Critical.Critical.Critical.Critical.Critical.
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